Sport Injury Recovery (Vegan Hippie Style)

As we all know, I pretty much live at the gym. No seriously. When I’m not at home, glued to my laptop being a vegan coach and trainer to my online peeps, you will find me at AnyTime Fitness in Ottawa’s Little Italy, training local clients or teaching my meathead-style cardio class. 🙂

And when I’m not playing Coach Shorkey, I’m getting my own workouts in at yet another gym… this one being close to my downtown apartment. Or, I’m inside my downtown apartment, trying to become the female version of Frank Medrano, practicing calisthenics on the pull-up tower in my living room.


Yes folks, I really do live and breathe all things meathead (meatless meathead anyway.) And I literally live with and breathe in the sweaty smells of my meathead brethren daily because I’ve chosen to make vegan bodybuilding my life and passion.

Throughout my 10+ years of lifting as heavy as possible whilst staring at my impressive plant-built muscles in every mirror I saw, I miraculously enough, had never experienced any kind of serious injury. Sure, I’d tweak a trap or hamstring from time to time but it was never anything serious enough that forced me to take more than a week off from working out.

I was convinced that I was invincible and of course, accredited my injury-free meathead record to my healthy vegan diet and top notch training philosophies.

And then, all thanks to too much running, improper footwear and a crappy personal situation which triggered me to keep training and not listen to my body, I suffered a brutal case of shin splints which then resulted in a tibial stress fracture.

Yes kids, Sam “Super Woman” Shorkey was fast kicked off her high horse and forced to cease all lower body movements for several months and instead, focus on repairing and recovering this bum leg.

And speaking of bums, as any bikini pro would panic, I of course started to worry that my prized walnut crusher would disintegrate instantly. I always hated “leg day” and yet, knowing I could not do it anymore made me fiend for squats like an addict.

It drove me insane but I really did try to follow the doctor’s orders and do the best half-assed job at recovery I could. I was told to take Naproxen and Advil daily. But the vegan hippie inside of me just wasn’t cool with that.

So I started doing a lot of research on the best plant-derived anti-inflammatories and how to heal a sport-related injury without the use of pain killers or doctor-prescribed medication.

I tried all kinds of therapies and tinctures and through much trial and error, I was finally able to heal my tibia without losing my hard-earned glutes.

So for this post, I wanted to give props to some of my favourite herbs, practices, hippie potions and vegan supplements that helped me on the road to recovery.

And before I get to the list, I’d like to mention that it’s been four months since my injury and as much as it has improved, I still have to take it easy. My explosive plyometric movements, pistol squats and heavy weighted walking lunges are still a thing of the past unfortunately. But I’m being smart. I’m not allowing my inner meathead to take over completely. If there’s one thing I learned from this experience, it’s that I’m NOT invincible. And even though I may look like one, I’m not actually a superhero. And no matter how big the ego is, nothing is worth risking permanent damage or recurring chronic injuries. So take it from me and always, always listen to your body. It wants you to have a nice ass. But it will look much hotter when you’re not limping. 😉

Sports Injury Recovery (Vegan Hippie Style)

REFLEX Spray by Landart

Throughout this recovery, I must’ve had a billion people tell me to ice my leg. Icing will take down the inflammation blah blah blah. Yeah well, for someone like me who has zero free time, ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat! What I do, however, have time for is a quick spritz of Landart’s Reflex spray which basically does the same thing as ice minus the time, effort and cold, wet hands needed in order to perform this mundane task. Not only did the Camphor in this handy spray instantly provide relief to my throbbing, inflamed leg, but the addition of eucalyptus & menthol essential oils soothed all of the surrounding muscles and truly resonated with my inner hippie. I found the Reflex Spray to be particularly long-lasting when I sprayed it directly onto the hockey tape that my Chiropractor pal Romana patched me up with because it soaked right in and kept it cool for hours.

Eating (and Drinking) Sprouts

Although my kitchen cupboards would state otherwise, I (like most vegan hippies) try to acquire the majority of my vitamins and nutrients from REAL FOOD. And although I do believe that certain supplements are helpful for building muscle and some vitamin supplementation is necessary for vegans, I’m all for eating and drinking my nutrients the old-fashioned way as much as possible.

So whilst researching the best healing foods for my bum leg, something kept popping up (no pun intended) and inspired me to take my vegan hippie status to new heights and commence my own sprouting operation. Besides, I needed something to replace the puke jar on my counter (aka my Kombucha operation) that was taking up way too much space and making my apartment smell like a brewery.

I was intrigued by the idea of sprouting because I learned that sprouts were not only filled with essential vitamins, proteins and enzymes that cleansed, rejuvenated and healed the body– but they were the perfect food for strengthening my immune system and promoting cell regeneration. AND they didn’t freak visitors out who came over like the puke jar did. 😉

Sprouts, particularly alfalfa, supply the body with a whole lot of low-calorie liquid nourishment that is easily digested and used as fuel. They are biogenic meaning ALIVE and they basically transfer their life energy to your own body. Kinda trippy (and AWESOME) right?!

When you eat a sprout, you are eating a tiny, easy-to-digest plant that is at its peak of nutritional value. The seed releases all of its stored nutrients in a burst of vitality as it attempts to become a full-sized plant.

Right up until the moment you eat a fresh, raw sprout, it is growing and increasing in nutritional value. The nutrients literally remain intact until you begin chewing whereas other living foods like fruits and veggies contain vitamins but their nutrient values decline from the second they’re cut.

Sprouts are jam-packed full of vitamins A, C & E which prevent the oxidation of fats in the blood, thus inhibiting the formation of free radicals in the body. Free radicals are basically molecules that surround your cells and disrupt the normal activity of anything they get close to. Vitamin C prevents free radicals from being formed and keeps Vitamin A & E from being destroyed.

When an abundance of sprouts is included in the diet, the body’s internal self-cleansing abilities are stimulated and overall metabolism is sped up because it isn’t weighed down by hard-to-digest food. In addition, they help to flush out toxins.

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