GROUP Virtual Fitness Classes - June 2024

GROUP Virtual Fitness Classes - June 2024


Group Workouts in June
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After the huge success of my first-ever "Fit & Healthy Over 40" Group Training + Vegan Nutrition Coaching Program, I've decided to continue offering group workouts to those folks (and open it up to anyone else who would like to spend their Saturdays gettin' jacked and sweaty with me.)

This group fitness program will be running throughout June 2024.

Live virtual classes will take place every Saturday at 10am EST.

Each class is 60 minutes long and includes a warm-up, cardio component, strength and mobility component + stretch / cool-down.

The workouts are suitable for all fitness levels and modifications will be provided throughout the session to ensure everyone is challenged but not dying. ;)

If you cannot attend the live classes, you will receive a link to download a recording of each class so you may watch it / workout at a later time (or do it multiple times throughout the week.)

The five-class bundle is $60 USD.

You can also do drop-ins for $15 per class.  I will email you after your purchase to confirm which classes you'll be attending.

June 1: Full Body Strength & Conditioning (all bodyweight)
June 8: Booty-Focused Boot Camp (with light dumbbells + bands)
June 15: Full Body Strength (with light dumbbells + bands)
June 22: Killer Core Focus for Abs of Steel (all bodyweight)
June 29th: Canada Day-Themed Full Body Workout (with light dumbbells and a killer playlist)

And yes, I see the irony in celebrating Canada Day whilst charging in USD. Let it be known, however, that most of my customers are American. Forgive me, fellow Canucks! My in-person classes are in CAD.

Also please note that group workouts are non-refundable.