Podcast #88: Deep Dive into Vegan Meal Prep and Planning

Podcast #88: Deep Dive into Vegan Meal Prep and Planning

I do believe that I can confidently state that this might be one of the most useful podcasts we've ever recorded.  And I say this because one of our most popular episodes of all time was actually the very first time we had our vegan chef / vegan nutritionist (and good friend) Amy Longard onto the show.

That was episode 30: Mastering Meal Prep with Amy Longard.  And yes, it was years ago!  So as per Sarah's request, we're bringing Amy back for a sequel.  With this one being more of a "deep dive" into vegan meal prep.  And not just for vegan bodybuilders either. 

We're talking healthy vegan snacks and easy vegan recipes for the average person who just wants to look and feel their most optimal without following a strict vegan diet plan.

We cover sooooo much ground on this one from portable healthy vegan snacks to family-friendly, healthy meals that also freeze well.

We're also digging into the "when" and "how" to meal prep without dedicating a whole damn day to it.  Plus quick and easy lunch ideas that are actually good for us.  And what breads we should be eating that thankfully aren't my "disgusting quinoa bread" according to Sarah.  But bruh seriously, have you seen the macros?!?!

This episode is honestly for EVERY vegan.  Every new vegan not knowing wtf to cook and every vegan who hates to cook.

Truly an informative episode!  And for anyone wondering about some of the recipes mentioned on this one, here are the links:

Amy's Tofu Scramble

Sam's Tofu Scramble

Two-Ingredient Cookies

LASTLY for anyone interested in the "Fit & Healthy Over 40" program I'm running with Amy starting April 5th (both virtually and in-person for Ottawa locals) you can register/ learn more HERE.  You basically get a plant-based chef/nutritionist AND a vegan personal trainer at your disposal!  And yes, you'll be working with us on a weekly basis throughout the whole month of April!  Early bird pricing ends March 25th so act soon, folks!

And without further ado, here is the podcast:

Click the "play button" below to listen. Or HERE to listen on Apple or HERE for Spotify.

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