Another Fant-ASS-tic Workout with Vegan Trainer Victor Rivera

Another Fant-ASS-tic Workout with Vegan Trainer Victor Rivera

One of the coolest things about being a vegan trainer and having my own vegan fitness blog is that I’m always getting to inter-meet like-minded peeps in the vegan and fitness communities. I absolutely LOVE receiving messages from my vegan brethren, hearing their stories and sharing thoughts and ideas with them on everything from workouts to nutrition.

And what’s even cooler is when they offer up one of their own workouts or recipes for me to share on my blog. Case and point: L.A.-based vegan trainer and all-round cool dude Victor Rivera.

victor rivera vegan personal trainer

I totally ripped this picture off of his facebook page. I hope he doesn’t mind. I also ripped off all of the photos demonstrating his exercises from the internet so hopefully the actual owners of these pics don’t mind either. 🙂

Anywho, I’m really excited to share Victor’s killer ass workout because it’s frigging BRUTAL. Everyone has a different workout style so it’s always fun to try something new. And I gotta say, seated good mornings?!?! Who knew?!?! I tested out this whole workout yesterday and it’s fair to say I was practically crying like a little bitch by the end of it.

And speaking of little bitches, I also discovered this gem whilst creeping Victor’s facebook pics…

victor as a woman

Alright, now that I’ve completely emasculated Victor to the point that he’ll probably never want to share anything with me again, take it away, Victor!

A Fant-ASS-tic Workout with Victor Rivera

So along with being an ass-kicking workout, you’ll notice that the variety of exercises will have you moving in all directions and the dynamic set at the end will most definitely challenge your metabolic threshold. You’ll also be blasting your glutes, quads and hamstrings, while challenging your core and lower back with a few of these moves. Sound fun? Of course it does!

3 x 10 each direction (20 total) Side to Side Squats

These look like a side lunge, except your feet stay planted as you head side to side. The trick here is to make sure your feet don’t move as you shift your weight to each side. Remember start off with a fairly wide stance and keep pushing your hips and butt back as you squat down and to the side.

3 x 12 Bulgarian Split Squats

bulgarian split squat

3 x 10 (each leg) Forward Lunge/Reverse Lunge

Do a forward lunge with your right foot stepping forward, then a reverse lunge with your right foot going behind you. Repeat with your right leg until you’ve done 10 in each direction (20 total) then head on over to your left leg.

3 x 12 Single Leg Romanian Deadlift


3 x 12 Seated Good Morning with feet flat on the floor

seated barbell good mornings

3 x 15 Swiss Ball Hamstring Curl


3 x 20 Calf Raises With Barbell on Back

barbell standing calf raise

The Finisher: 10 Squat Jumps Super set with 10 Kettle bell or Dumbbell Swings, then 9 squat jumps, 9 swings, 8 squat jumps…

And continue on until you get down to one of each. This is a great finisher that will get your heart rate through the roof and put you into a serious fat-burning mode.

For Kettle bell/Dumbbell swings, make sure your upper body ends up parallel to the floor, as opposed to the “American swing,” which just looks like a squat with a front raise. If you use a dumbbell, just hold the dumbbell by the top, with the other hanging straight down.

Here is a great instructional video for the Kettle Bell Swing.

Good luck!

– Victor Rivera

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