My Vegan Coaching Credo

Oh hello there, new vegan friend.  Nice to inter-meet you! 

I know the whole idea of hiring an online vegan coach can be both daunting and impersonal. I totally get that. Here you are, sending your hard-earned money (and half-naked photos) to a complete stranger hoping they will transform your body and turn you into the best version of yourself possible.

As with any kind of relationship, you need to establish trust with that person. You need to believe that their intentions are pure and that they genuinely want to help you reach your goals. You want to believe that your vegan coach is passionate about helping you and that they will do so without judgement yet be honest and firm with you when needed.

Well folks, just like every single person on this planet, I’m the first to admit that I have my own insecurities too!  And just like many others, I also have my “off days” where I find myself fantasizing about doubled stuffed oreos or bathing in a tub of peanut butter.

But I’ve also learned a LOT over the years and through much trial and error, I have mastered how to find balance between structured planning and trusting my own body.  And I really do practice what I preach and share what I’ve learned with my clients in order to help them along their own journey.  

And if there’s anything you will fast learn about me via reading my blog or listening to my podcast, it's that I’m a REAL person. Yes, I’m just a regular ol’ vegan chick with a fierce passion for looking fit and feeling “optimal.”

Sure, I could try to impress you with my accolades (via a bold, large font) that I’m a published vegan bodybuilding cookbook author or the first-ever VEGAN World Naturals bikini pro. Or that I won first place in my first-ever bikini competition. Or that I coached the winner of the 2015 $200,000 12-Week Transformation (beating out 345,000 people worldwide.) Sure, all those things were huge accomplishments that I will forever be proud of.

Feel free to read some of my client testimonials HERE. 

But what honestly makes me a good coach is that I live and breathe this shit every single day of my life. And every vegan meal plan I write, and every exercise I prescribe, I have used myself and I KNOW they work.

Whatever your individual needs are, I am more than happy to create a customized vegan coaching program that will work for YOUR body, YOUR lifestyle and YOUR goals. 

Because at the end of the day, if it doesn’t work for YOU and YOUR day-to-day routines, we both know it’s not going to work PERIOD. And this is why I am a huge believer in a customized coaching approach rather than the one-size-fits-all approach.

And on that note, I think I’ve rambled on for long enough and you’re now thinking, “alright Shorkey. You’re amazing. We get it. Now how much and what’s in it for me?”

Get pricing or sign up for my customized vegan coaching program HERE.

 I look forward to hearing from you! I'll be gentle, I promise. ;)

Sam(antha) Shorkey

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