Virtual Personal Training Session

Virtual Personal Training Session

$60.00 USD

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If there's one thing that every newbie bodybuilder can benefit from, it's a one-on-one session (or two) with a certified personal trainer!

Because if you don't know the proper form and technique for the exercises you're doing, then really, what's the point?! The thing is, you're probably not actually activating the correct muscles AND might end up getting injured.

So to ensure my online vegan clients are feeling 100% comfortable and confident with their new training plans, I offer virtual vegan personal training sessions to go through the whole workout program together.

Each session is 60 minutes long, done over Zoom in the comfort of our own living rooms.  This is especially beneficial to those following a Jacked on the Beanstalk at-home training plan.

PLUS you get to meet me, Sam Shorkey!  And that alone is worth the money! ;)