About the Podcast

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Well, I'm beyond thrilled to have branched out into "Podcast Land" via my latest passion project: Jacked on the Beanstalk: The Podcast.

As an avid podcast junkie myself, this was something I'd been itching to create for a long time.

I knew it would be a great resource for my clients because many of them faced similar challenges and struggles.  Things like low self-esteem/body image, lack of motivation, guilt/anxiety around being "perfect" and fear or intimidation to hit the gym were common issues that always seemed to pop up in my coaching.

I was spending a lot of time addressing their concerns and found that the insight I was providing really seemed to help in building up their confidence and keeping them motivated.  And at the same time, as cheesy as this sounds, it was really enriching my own life as it forced me to practice what I was preaching.

I also noticed a trend when it came to my blog post traffic.  It seemed that women from all over the world really resonated with the posts where I shared my most personal struggles, insecurities and dating life.  It showed me that vegan or not, health freak or not, we’re ALL struggling with the same shit. And we’re all just going about our lives, wanting to be happy, wanting to feel secure within ourselves, and wanting to feel connected.

So in an attempt to better serve my clients, myself and anyone else who wanted to listen to my vegan hippie meathead ramblings, in February of 2017, “Jacked on the Beanstalk: The Podcast" was born.

Sharing the mic with me is my very relatable, always cynical and smart-assed, big sister Sarah.  She is the Kramer to my Jerry.  And together, we're able to sprinkle each and every episode with that good ol’, mildly inappropriate, “I-have-no-filter” Shorkey sister charm.

You're in for a real audio treat!  So enough backstory and just subscribe to it!  

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