Client Testimonials

Of course I think that I'm a great vegan trainer and vegan competition coach.  But don't just take my word for it.  Read these testimonials and see for yourself what some of my clients have to say about my online vegan competition coaching and plant-based training/nutrition services. ;)


"I went vegan January 1st of 2017 and dropped weight like crazy. I had a newborn at the time and weighed around 218 lbs. Then one year and 40 lbs. later, I decided to step my game up. I knew I needed some help as I had hit a plateau with my weight loss and my motivation was slowly declining so I started researching vegan bikini competitors. I found Sam's page and immediately knew I wanted her as my coach. Her results on other clients were amazing and she seemed to know her stuff when it came to vegan macros. I also signed up to compete in "Labrada's Lean Body Challenge" as well as "'s 250k Challenge" to help with my motivation. I started with Sam a week after the competitions had already started and boy did she do the job in only 11 WEEKS! I lost 20 lbs. of fat and went down from around 27% body fat to 18%!!!  I actually enjoyed my meal plans and never felt hungry or deprived. I always had a little wiggle room with my macros if one day I wanted to sneak in a cookie or two. I also enjoyed the workouts. They were hard and I was always sweaty, but they were never too much that I dreaded the gym or felt too overwhelmed. Sam always kept an eye on how I felt about the workout schedule. Now don't get the wrong idea, I WORKED MY ASS OFF!! Everyday I pushed myself to go no matter how tired I was from working a full-time job and taking care of a one-year-old or how sore my buns were from the day before. Yes there were some days I skipped the gym, and some days I completely fell off the deep end in a carton of vegan ice cream and pizza, but the next day I worked that much harder to reach my goal. Sam was so understanding of the day-to-day struggles that my motivation was always renewed after talking to her and Sarah. Sam is a very positive coach with her criticism but she will also push you if you need to step it up a notch. I didn't want a coach who made me feel like I meant nothing and I was worthless and Sam definitely made me feel like I deserved to be sexy and was worth the effort.  I highly recommend choosing Sam as your vegan coach if you want to see real change in yourself. The change in me was not only physical but she gave me confidence I thought I had lost. She actually gave me hope that I could WIN! Could not have done it without Sam's guidance."
- Heather C., Grand Prize Winner of the 2018 Labrada 12-Week Lean Body Challenge

 "I greatly appreciate a hard-working woman such as yourself for bettering me as a person. Whether it's physically or mentally, you've even helped me go through tough times. Your wisdom, strength, maturity and even maternity are traits that have made this whole experience, thus far, worth every second and enjoyable. I couldnt have wished for a better trainer and mentor-like figure. I am so grateful that I got this lucky. I look forward to an even better year in 2023 with you as my vegan coach, Samantha Shorkey!"
- Hassan S.

"Hi Samantha! I just wanted to check in because I’m super excited to share with you my latest Inbody stats! Since working with you as my vegan coach, my body fat % went from 39.7% to 33.7%! Feels so good!! My weight dropped from 168.2 to 163.5 lbs! And I gained 3 lbs. of muscle beginning with a skeletal muscle mass of 57.5 and now I’m at 60.6. All thanks to your guidance!!! Still going strong with the regimen. Thanks so much!! Your system WORKS!!"
- Cindy D.

“I always hated working out. I exercised a bit in my twenties, then not at all for almost 15 years. I raised three children, built a successful business, and didn’t take any time for myself. I found one excuse after another as to why I didn’t have time to go to the gym. Then, I met Sam and she changed my life. No more excuses, no more “I’m too tired” or “I’m too busy”. Having Sam as my personal trainer actually forces me to show up at the gym, on time, and be committed to a healthy lifestyle.  Sam is extremely encouraging, professional and reliable. She is focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session challenging (but fun as well). She ensures that my technique is correct and always redirects me as needed. Sam is not just an amazing trainer; she is kind, caring, funny, knowledgeable, and beautiful (inside and outside).  Just when I think that I can’t do it, Sam gives me that extra encouragement that makes a difference! I would highly recommend Sam to anyone looking to improve their fitness and lifestyle. You will sweat, you will ache, but after a session with Sam, you will feel on top of the world and so proud of your personal achievement!”
- Sandrine F. (in-person client)

vegan wins 12 week transformation challenge nina nam team jacked on the beanstalk vegan coaching

"Thank you so much for everything. Without you, I would have never pushed myself this hard and experienced such an amazing change in not only my body, but my heart and my mind. I was never able to sustain a vegan diet for this long, but you made me have faith and now I'm a believer that this is a wonderful way of living. Not only has my skin improved, but I think I stopped grinding my teeth at night too. I feel more calmer and thoughtful in general! I seriously thank you from the bottom of my heart, Sam. You have gone out of your way to truly support and uplift me. I know you treated me special, I feel it. I'm sure I've annoyed you countless times from my rants and overload of questions, but you were always there for me. I have incredible, INCREDIBLE respect for you, for your work ethic, for your discipline, for your heart!! You are freakin' amazing!!! I'm SO, SO blessed that I found you on Facebook that one random day and decided to stalk you HAHA! You have helped me overcome my limiting beliefs and you helped me finish the hardest thing I've ever done in MY WHOLE LIFE. Big hugs."
- Nina N. (Grand prize winner of the 2015 12-Week $200,000 Transformation Challenge)

 "Hi Sam! Since following your vegan meal plan, I generally feel great, energy, digestion and mood are better than ever and I’m starting to feel a difference in my clothes! In just a few weeks, I went from 188 lbs. down to 182 lbs. But most importantly, I finally feel like I can embrace the journey and let the results come when they do. I’m not trying to rush anything anymore. I haven’t been this consistent with my nutrition and my workouts since 2019! This alone feels fantastic! Thanks again!"
- Melanie G.

 julie vegan before and after masters bikini competitor first place winner

"Let me start out by saying that I started exercising regularly when I was about 18-19 years old. I considered myself fairly fit. Then I went vegan, during which time I lost a sister, went through a nasty divorce from an abusive husband, and covid was the final eating and drinking frenzy that left me overweight and miserable. My now husband is amazing by the way, can’t leave that out. I thought about a bikini competition in 2016, then my sister passed away. I lost myself for while, then covid and then enough. I decided it was time and I was turning 50 in July 2021. I started with a non vegan coach. She told me I needed to find other sources of protein. I researched again and found Sam. BEST EFFING THING EVER!!! Not only did she know exactly what my body needed, but the vegan meal plan was phenomenal!! I never knew protein pancakes could taste so good!! I never felt deprived or missing out. She made my meals and workouts easy to follow as well as challenging and never boring. She is the absolute best!! I am so so grateful I found her! I would recommend her to ANYONE who asks!!! I went from wanting to do a bikini competition at 50 as a “bucket list” thing to winning 3rd place in Debut, Novice, 40+, and the Open and FIRST PLACE in 50+!! I owe it all to Sam!! Yes I did the work. Yes I am disciplined. Yes at first it was mentally challenging when I paid too much attention to the scale. But l did it anyway. I showed up every single day. And had the best support system from her to get me through!! The trick is to JUST DO WHAT SHE TELLS YOU! Follow the plan, trust the process, take pictures and measurements, put the scale aside!!! She knows her shit!!!"
- Julie F., first place winner in first-ever bikini competition (50+) 

"I had competed 10 years ago in a bikini competition. I loved it and wanted to do it again. In the decade that went by, I had two babies and made the obvious and smart decision to go vegan. Just before the new year I wanted to set my priorities straight and start going to the gym on a more regular routine as it helps me so much with mental health and the obvious physical health. It didn’t take long for me to find Sam when looking for a coach, because I wanted someone Vegan, and I wanted someone who knew the bikini competition world. Sam knows her shit so well and I have absolutely loved having her as my coach. When I started and made this decision, I was 180 lbs. Sam told me it would take time and she was very real with me about how to lose the weight in a steady and healthy way. She definitely had to keep me in check because I was so anxious to lose weight too fast. Haha! The original date I chose was too soon, so I chose a more realistic (but still quick) date to compete. I busted my ass, and did everything that Sam told me to do. I woke up at 4am just to make sure I would get my workout in, and continue to my 16 hour days at work. On top of this, plus being with my two small children. I was able to get to 135lbs in 8 months and step on stage for the first time after 10 years and I felt amazing. Besides the rush of being on stage, I have felt amazing being able to do more with my family and I just feel so much more confident and better about myself. To conclude, I placed 1st in my height class for the 35+ category and 3rd place for the all ages category in my height. I could not be happier about this and I’m extremely excited to continue training! Sam is an absolute dream coach!"
- Margarita V.

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 "Okay I've never met you but you have changed my life and self esteem in so many ways. My workouts have been amazing and I’m feeling physically a huge difference in strength and stamina. I do realize having someone like you helping with guidance feels essential during this learning wave. I do feel I’ve always struggled a lot mentally with my self image and over this course of time working with you, I’ve become so much more confident but also independent. I used to rely on my partner for workouts but your specific tailored plan for my body has made me so excited to continue this journey."
- Madison G.

Stacy vegan bikini competitor transformation Jacked on the Beanstalk online vegan coaching

"I had been eating healthy foods and exercising regularly for the past 25 years. My weight fluctuated and depending on how hardcore I was with diet and exercise, I often got very "skinny", but more like "skinny fat". So even if I got to my goal weight, I was never happy with how I looked. For 25 years, I was the cardio queen. Eventually I became a marathon runner. I took up long distance running after having my son. Surely training for a half marathon would help me get the body I wanted, but no. I ran 8 marathons, still never achieving the physique I desired. I had been hearing for many years about the benefits of strength training but I had no idea where to begin. COVID happened and I gained 20 lbs. I was frustrated and starting to just think that I was just too old to lose weight or look the way I wanted to. I started watching YouTube videos about women who lift weights and I found out about competing. I didn't think it was something that I would ever do. I mean, I was never even comfortable wearing shorts. I had Samantha's vegan bodybuilding cookbook. I googled her one day and saw that she offered online vegan coaching. It seemed like a perfect fit. I didn't want to work with a coach who didn't understand veganism or how to fuel my body. When I started working with Samantha, my plan was to just learn more about what I should be eating and what exercises I should be doing. I got results right away then decided that it would be possible for me me to compete even though I had a lot of body fat to lose. Samantha gave me specific details about my macros, vegan weight lifting meal plans and exact exercises and quantities. She also gave me information about suggested supplements. I got new plans every 6 weeks. She was supportive, responsive and attentive. She always answered my questions quickly. The closer I got to my shows, the more she checked in and adjusted my plans as needed. Taking the stage was fun and rewarding. I finally got the physique I was looking for, for 25 years. I could have never done that without Samantha. I had tried so hard to figure it out myself, but I couldn't. She is a great vegan coach and I hope to work with her for the long term. I highly recommend working with Samantha."
- Stacy D., first time bikini competitor


 "Thank you Sam. You’re the bomb and I talk about your vegan coaching every chance that I get, share your page for them to sign up and share your before and afters of clients. Most people aren’t vegan but it shows them at the very least, that you don’t need animal products in order to be strong!!! Forever a fan!"
- Deanna S.


"I'm so damn happy! You have done exercise programs and put together vegan meal plans that have been absolutely fantastic in several ways. The meal plan has been easy to follow, and surprisingly tasty. The workouts have been varied, challenging and great fun! Before I liked going to the gym, and since you became my vegan coach, I love hanging out at the gym. When I get home I want to go there again. Reach new goals, set new personal bests. Many, many thanks for helping me find strength, power and endurance in my own body. I'm 59 years old and not in pain anywhere! You are amazing. Life is amazing. And you helped me feel amazing. Sending you a big, warm hug of gratitude and love."
- Elisabeth E. in Sweden


"I highly recommend Sam Shorkey from Jacked on the Beanstalk. She knows what she is doing. Vegan, will only coach vegans. One of her clients won the Transformation Challenge. She knows how to bulk and lean out, depending what you're looking for. She gives you a whole workout and meal plan, or one or the other, depending what you'd like. I highly recommend her for her knowledge and amazing, encouraging attitude. I've done her plans twice and seen results. I'm so grateful to her. When you're feeling down, she lifts you back up and helps you regain an enjoyment for being healthy. Plans are 100% customized to you - you fill out a whole questionnaire and send in before pictures so she can help."
- Sara E.


stephanie vegan bikini competitor vegan before and after

"I worked with Sam for 7 months before stepping on stage and I’m so glad I made the decision to have her coach me for my first show! I felt as though her views and beliefs aligned so well with mine and I was right! Sam was really mindful of making sure this was a healthy prep. Prep can be so unhealthy but she ensured that I was taking care of my body the best that I could. She never gave me anything that I couldn’t handle and she pushed me when i needed the push! Sam was supportive in the moments when I needed her the most, and even on the other side (the post show, which KEEP WORKING WITH HER AFTER TO HELP YOU REVERSE DIET!), she’s been there during that emotional time as well. With Sam being a vegan coach, she helped me understand which supplements I needed to take to keep my body running optimally and to be a successful vegan bodybuilder. I worked with Sam for 2 shows, and the first show I stepped on stage with so much confidence. The second show, we tweaked some things and I came in even better. She pays attention to how you’re feeling (emotionally and physically) and makes custom plans for YOU. Working with Sam has been such a pleasure, and I feel like I not only had a bomb vegan coach, but now have a super rad friend."
- Stephanie H., third place winner in first-ever NPC competition


"I wanted to take a minute and thank you for the support you have shown me during this whole process. I feel strong thanks to you! You let me eat PB if I needed didn't make me feel like a failure when I just couldn't or didn't care. It is so obviously not just about the money or the are a caring and compassionate soul. I consider you a friend. A rare find these days. You also kept me laughing and let me be myself. I said I would not cry writing this, but I feel there is a reason you were on this journey with me. You are a great coach, and not just the meals and the workout plan (although you rock at that, too!) Again, words cannot express my gratitude for your support and kind words you have always given me. I would recommend you to everyone. You are doing what you are meant to do. xoxoxoxoxoxo"
- Julie W.


Nadine vegan bodybuilding before and after vegan coach transformation

"I had decided that it was time for me to finally compete at 37 and take my passion for bodybuilding to the next level. I'd been training for 4 years constantly and had a coach before. I tried to cut body fat whilst lifting heavy but I never had the results I wanted. My previous coach, who only gave me macros to work with had me on very low calories straight away and I fell off the wagon soon after starting, despite being able to chose the foods I wanted to eat. Spoiler alert: my vegan competition prep with Sam had to stop after 15 weeks as my show got canceled due to Covid. But up until then, I had a blast! Being vegan for 7 years now, I thought I had my foods figured out with plenty of greens and veg and indulging on mock meats, whilst avoiding carbs at all costs. Unfortunately, I didn't realize how wrong I was until I started on Sam's vegan bodybuilding food plan. She showed me a completely new way of eating and thriving on food, including CARBS! I wish I had started earlier on this journey with JOTB. My taste buds have changed and my mindset regarding food as well. I had no crazy food cravings (especially for sugar) during my entire prep. Sam gave me a weekly cheat meal which helped immensely with sanity and overall wellbeing. I looked at other competitors around me with no cheat meals and/or a meat diet, falling off the wagon and binging on shitty foods while all I craved was the occasional big bowl of rice with veggies. The workout plans are easy to follow but demanding. Sam makes sure she creates them tailored to your needs, schedule and requirements. This prep has also helped me to stay sane during the ongoing lockdown here in New Zealand and develop a routine in terms of food and workouts. I'm really looking forward to another attempt of getting that first competition in and wouldn't want to work with anyone else. I cannot thank Sam enough for the guidance, support, laughs and my new nickname. YOU ROCK GIRL!!! <3"
- Nadine T.


"Hey Samantha! I have totally completed your 12 week program, and may I say it has been such a wonderful experience. I am down 13 lbs, with my new weight: 136 lbs. I am beyond ecstatic at the results I have made with your guidance and have learned A LOT about myself during this 3 mo. journey. I had actually been attempting a plant-based diet for the past year or so and prior to that was a vegetarian that ate dairy products. My time with you has jump started me to delve into more knowledge to acquire to assist me with the full transition to plant-based eating. I am excited to continue on this path and am so grateful for the support and kindness you have provided. I am so thankful I saw you one day during my google search and on Pinterest. You inspire people and possess so much knowledge to help people find their best selves. THANK YOU!! I am still interested in doing a bikini competition, some time this year after I am settled into my new home and killin' my routine. I will definitely reach out to you for help with that and sign up for another program. I appreciate everything you have done for me, especially the push to transition to full fledged plant eater. You are the best!! Much love!"
- Sarah D.


"As a group fitness instructor and personal trainer, I am incredibly passionate about health and wellness.  I have always strived to walk my talk and have embraced whole foods and a vegan diet for several years and worked out consistently.  I work long hours, owning my own studio, and devote time to nurturing and guiding others.  I slowly started to feel heavier in my own mind and body and knew I needed a reset, plan and support.  I reached out to Samantha for coaching as I had been following her for years.  Best decision of 2020.  By far.  JOTB offers a comprehensive, strategic plan that combined targeted nutrition with challenging fitness, pushing me out of my comfort zone.  Samantha's coaching has reinvigorated my own self-care, and the results have been amazing.  I feel my strongest self.  In a year of chaos and stress, my JOTB plan has kept me grounded and progressing.  And bonus...Samantha's humor and sass!  We all need to have accountability and support.  JOTB is a game-changer in this arena."
- Ami P.

"Hi Sam! Just want to start by saying I LOVE your vegan coaching plans! I’m not as hungry with this meal plan and my energy is good! I wasn’t sure about the protein pudding but I am obsessed! Sooooooo goooood! I’m not usually a fan of salads but your Mexican-inspired recipe is surprisingly delicious and I’m really enjoying it! Who knew?! The workouts are tough, but doable, and LOTS of room for improvement! Also just have to add that it was so nice to be able to meet you in person! A little intimidating because it’s like meeting a celebrity but you are so kind, funny and down to earth you made me feel super comfortable in no time at all! Beautiful inside and out and truly an inspiration!! Thank you!"
- Melanie G. (virtual and in-person vegan coaching client)


phil p vegan male vegan coaching client before and after transformation

"Whether you want to eat cleaner, build muscle, shed some weight, get in the best shape of your life, or prepare to step on stage (or maybe even all of the above), Samantha Shorkey with Jacked On The Beanstalk is the coach you NEED.  2020 had been a year that I could not wait to put behind me, until I decided I was going to end it on a high note.  So I reached out to Sam and a week later, she had prepared and sent me a fully customized 6 week fitness training and vegan nutrition program (complete with supplement recommendations and email support). I was pumped and couldn't wait to get started!  Even with a global pandemic spreading and gym closures happening at the worst possible times, Sam was able to help me see it through and I never missed a single workout.  I could not be happier with my results and look forward to crushing more fitness goals with Team JOTB!  If you have fitness and nutrition goals, Jacked On The Beanstalk is THE path to success. Here's to a happy and healthy 2021!"
- Phil P. (IG: @PlantFitPhil)


"Great news Sam!  I had checkup measurements today with my naturopathic doctor, and in just eight weeks since I've been following your vegan training and nutrition plans, I have done the following: gained 4 lbs. of muscle, lost 16.5 lbs. of body fat and reduced my overall body fat from 28.5% to 25.6%!  Also, my cardiovascular health is “very good”. All this on a vegan diet!  Your coaching isn't just for bikini competitors! ;)"
- Jason C.


vegan male transformation vegan male coach jacked on the beanstalk vegan coaching vegan man transformation male vegan bodybuilder

"Three months ago, I came across Sam and Jacked on the Beanstalk. I had a goal of wanting to cut down body fat percentage to be ready to be in a photo shoot for a charity calendar. I saw Sam's website and it was filled with endless positives. Her reviews were fantastic, she looks amazing and clearly takes care of herself (which in turn shows me that she can take care of me)is a wonderful soul and her knowledge is abundant. Most of all, the passion was there to help people. With all that, I knew she was someone I could put my trust in to help me get to where I need to.  In talking to her, I learned not only was she amazing at what she did, but has the most amazing of personalities. She also always took the time to respond and thoroughly explain why she chose everything she did and how it would help me. Being it was my first photo shoot as a vegan, I was filled with questions and she answered 100% of them.  I can't recommend her enough to anyone who was in my position and thinking about reaching out to her for whatever your goal is. Whether it's to just feel healthy, whether it is to gain or lose a few lbs, or a goal like I had, she will bring you to a level of success. I honestly could fill this web page with all her positives, but I'll let you experience some of those on your own."
- Anthony E.


Marin B vegan transformation online vegan coaching testimonial

"Hi Sam! Remember me?!! I have not fallen off a cliff but am still here and kicking. In fact, I know I haven’t been in touch regarding diet etc but I am doing so great and am incredibly grateful that I found you. I have been wanting to tell you this like 4EVER!!!! I cook and eat according to your diet and it has transformed my life. Most of all, I feel like it really suits my body. I don’t have the bloating or GI stuff I did with the kind of vegetables/ salad/ pulses only diet I had before. I feel slim, trim and on track. I also feel like I now have a clear path to keeping weight off, which is a great feeling. I guess what I’m saying is, if I lose my way, I know where to come back to. So basically I really just wanted to thank you for showing me! For helping me! And for finding and creating this way of eating/living so others could benefit. I just wanted to reach out and thank you!"
- Marin B, Cirque de Soleil acrobat


"Hi Sam. I thought I should send you a note to let you know, I couldn't be happier!!! I am looking SO MUCH BETTER than just a couple weeks ago!! I didn't realize how lazy I had gotten and my diet was WAY OFF!  The workouts you provided are intense and are a similar format to what I used to do before I started to slowly slip. I didn't realize just how much I had slipped until I started doing your workouts. Core was not even in my routine anymore and it used to be one of my strongest areas...not so much now.. although definitely improving 🙂 What a difference a little (or a lot) work makes! The diet is going really well and I have started trying some of your recipes too. I have lost 10 pounds and feel amazing. No more binging!! I've got my morning routine back too... my motivation has returned. I was in such a rut and you have really helped get me out. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"
- Denise T.


sally vegan coaching testimonial jacked on the beanstalk client

"Sam, coaching with you has been a game changer! Having competed 4 times as a non-vegan competitor prior to meeting you, I always had a really tough time with prep and training. I was always tired, hungry, and moody. I would have massive sugar cravings and always heavily binged after each competition. Once I switched to your vegan meal plans and training program, I was amazed how my energy levels and hormone levels stabilized, and my cravings for sugar subsided a lot. I leaned out fast, and I didn’t have to do unsustainable things to lean out. What’s crazy is how you stayed coaching me through the pandemic lockdown with no gyms open, and I stuck with your plans all the way through to end of May! I scheduled a photo shoot to replace my cancelled competition like you said, and it was the MOST fun prep I’ve had! Sam, you have a way to be tough and straight when needed and be supportive and understanding at the same time. Most importantly, you focus on competing in a HEALTHY way. Obviously it’s not all roses when there’s a big goal in mind especially with so many crappy circumstances so having the right coach is critical for success. My BIGGEST takeaway from coaching with you is how you’ve helped me build life long healthy habits to sustain and maintain my physique all on my own. I no longer have massive sugar cravings, and I’m continuing to use all of your plans to maintain a strong and healthy lifestyle. Pandemic Training!  No gym, no problem!"
- Sally N.

"Hi Samantha!  I am almost ready to send you pictures on Monday for our 4 week mark but I couldn't wait until then to tell you how happy I am. I am really loving the changes to my body.  I definitely want to continue with you as my vegan coach after the initial 6 weeks, if you'll have me of course! You know, when you start seeing results, it just makes you want to push that much harder, doesn't it? I'm really excited to think that by Christmas I could be confident in a bikini at the beach. Thank you again."
- Rebecca W.


vegan bodybuilding male transformation Team Jacked on the Beanstalk vegan coaching before and after

"Thanks Sam Shorkey for your vegan diet and workout coaching. I started this journey three years ago and after two knee surgeries, these 45-year-old knees couldn't squat 225 lbs. But thanks to persistence and all the "Jacked on the Beanstalk" support, today I'm squatting 405 lbs! I started out at a weight of 143 lbs. and I now weigh 189 lbs.  I've also gone from benching 135 lbs. to 315 lbs. And I went from deadlifting 135 lbs. to 405 lbs. All since going vegan! Your plans were a real game changer for me, Sam. I really mean it. I'm feeling so much more confident. Thank you so much."
- Logan B.


 "I have not been weighing myself but my clothes feel so much better and I look (muscle wise) STACKED. Are those abs I see?! And my legs are really toning up. Annnnd I really have enjoyed getting back out running a bit more. Even more important- I haven’t really had any cravings- feel full - and no binging. I feel like you have been so helpful above what I paid for. And the best part of all is that throughout all of this process I was studying and working.. meaning i really had very little time to prep/ dedicate to working out. And one thing that i think made this program work really great was that I came into it as someone who was used to running 5 miles a day and fairly injury free. Yet on the last trail run I did, my legs felt SOOOOO strong. I have always been hesitant to spend too much time in the gym as it would impact my running yet it actually improved it/ built a way healthier and stronger foundation. Looking forward to continuing with you Sam!"
- Mallory D.


"I just wanted to let you know I am loving going 5 days a week to the gym! The program is going great. I've been lifting weights I never thought I'd be able to! I'm finding the diet/calories/macros at a very manageable level too where I'm seeing progress but also don't feel deprived at all, even despite this season of eating and drinking! Anyway, I just wanted to say THANK YOU because I have learned so much and have never felt stronger. I might not be the star trainee but I finally feel like I'm on the right path to continue to see progress and I don't feel completely lost at the gym. And I'm seeing ab definition for the first time in my life which is crazy to me. Plus I enjoy proving to people that being vegan doesn't mean being weak haha!"
- Gillian M.


sammy minsk vegan bikini pro team jacked on the beanstalk vegan coach samantha shorkey client testimonial online vegan coaching

"Samantha! I placed first in both bikini novice and bikini open! I’m a pro now! I was at the best shape of my life, felt amazing on stage, everything was perfect.  Sam, I wanted to thank you SO MUCH for helping me with this journey!  I mean, wow!  It was so freaking hard and literally consumed my life! I look back at my beginning pictures and you saying I had a long way to go, but MAN, WE DID IT!!!   You taught me so much about being vegan and health, gave me a kick in the ass when I needed it and just an overall amazing coach who made me laugh and felt the struggle just as much as I did. I hope to work with you again."
- Sammy M., first time competitor turned IPL bikini pro


“I am grateful to have you as my vegan coach. Even though we haven’t met in person, I can tell that you really care about your clients. Your coaching is much more than I was expecting!”
- Stefanie L.


"Less than two weeks after coming back from my Costa Rican adventure, I officially weigh less than I did before I left on said Costa Rican adventure! Tried on a dress last week that was too small for me a few months ago, and it looked so awesome that I had to wear it to work even though I'm normally the one who shows up in $10 leggings from Superstore and everyone was like "wow you look so fancy today". WOOOOOOO! Thank you for your magical meal plan's magic so far!!!!"
- Rebecca D., vegan nutrition client


 "I’ve never felt so good and it’s your vegan meal plan that makes me feel so amazing. I use to do a strict meal plan with meat but I was always exhausted. After my diagnosis with leukemia, I have never been able to properly digest meat (so that meal plan went out the window) so when I found you I was like oh my gosh! I’ve always wanted to eat plant based but never knew how to properly get what I needed. So THANK YOU!! You have no idea! I can get back to my old self of being fit and working out! With your meal plan I feel so amazing!!! SO AMAZING!!"
- Erica B.


vicki vegan postpartum transformation vegan before and after jacked on the beanstalk vegan coaching

"I'm a 41 year old mom of 2 young boys and I was looking to fast track my fitness journey. I had worked with Sam before and saw results really quickly so I was confident that she could help me reach my health goals. What's so awesome about Sam's program is that, not only does it work, it can also be tailored to your needs. With 2 young kids (a toddler and an infant), time is limited, ESPECIALLY during a pandemic. I had no access to a gym and had to make due with the equipment I had at home. That wasn't a problem at all, she put together a problem that worked for me, with all the constraints AND the fact that I had just had a baby and needed to be somewhat gentle with my body. But honestly, what is particularly awesome about Sam, is that she taught me to be accountable to myself, something I had been struggling with all my life. In the past when working with other fitness coaches, I needed pep talks and to be constantly pushed. At some point, during the program, I lost my motivation and Sam was right there to make me realize that I wanted this and that I'm the only one who can make it happen. I'm now continuing with her workouts because they're challenging as hell and I LOVE that. But I've transitioned to managing my diet on my own and I don't even feel like bingeing anymore because I feel totally empowered to do this for myself. Sam, thanks for showing me that I can do this and to enjoy the journey along the way! You're the best!"
- Vicki F.


"Hi Sam! Thank you so much. I just have to say, you should be so proud of yourself, as you really do change people's lives for the better! I am just filled with so much gratitude! About 4 years ago, I actually almost coached with you, but at the time I was in between jobs and SO depressed due to a very long and saddening divorce. I turned to emotional eating and definitely leaned on alcohol a bit but not excessively. I lost myself in my job and just became sort of an office vegetable, working ridiculously hard every day as another coping mechanism. Pushing myself at the gym completely renews, refreshes, and energizes me into just such a happy person. I am calling the end of our 12 weeks "Sara 2.0" ;). Doing the different workouts that you create really keeps me entertained and having fun, a feeling I really never had at the gym before. Once I figured out the moves, I was just filled with so much confidence everyday at the gym. And just the whole gym experience has been amazing. THANK YOU SO MUCH. You've given so much more to me than you probably ever knew! Your work truly changes people's lives. I'm just feeling so incredibly grateful. I know I will continue this onward in my life; it makes me so happy. Thanks again!"
- Sara S.


"Sam, hey coach! I have to say I never expected my journey with you to lead to a whole new life.  I have learned SO much from you, from fitness and how to eat a clean vegan diet and gain muscle, to what it means to be a compassionate, vegan bad ass!  You’re hilarious, motivational yet informative vegan podcast kept me going through all those treadmill hours!  I can’t thank you enough for all your amazing coaching, detailed (not cookie cutter people) meal, supplement and lifting plans that got me Jacked on the Beanstalk.  Not to mention all this done from a country away!! Today I saw a friend that I haven’t seen in a couple of months. The first thing she said to me was “wow you look so fit!” My eyes must have lit up, to be called “fit” and not skinny felt so amazing! I have always felt fit on the inside and to have the outside match how i feel inside was so amazing!!!! She proceeded to ask me what have I been doing? I told her I have been busting my ass in the gym following a training program from my bad ass vegan coach. She was shocked that I could build muscle as a vegan? She asked me what my diet consumes mostly of, and after I took a second to think about it, I said vegetables (and tons of them.) I told her of course I eat legumes, soy, grains etc. but the majority is vegetables. The look on her face was pure shock, as if she thought the only way to build muscle was to eat chicken and egg whites!  It was such an amazing conversation. I left there feeling so proud to not only be a vegan, but a “fit” vegan, breaking all those stereotypes that vegans can’t be strong!  Anyways just wanted to say thank you for inspiring me and helping me on this journey! My fire is lit to be the best me possible!I can’t wait to see where we can take this together.  We aren’t done yet, we still have to show all those non-believers that you can get jacked on a cruelty-free vegan diet.  Let’s do this Team Jacked on the Beanstalk!"
- Niccole G., first place winner and overall masters champion in FIRST EVER bikini competition


"Reflecting back over this (almost) year working with you, I’m amazed at how far I’ve come and the results I’ve seen - never thought my body could do what it’s done or look like this! And with your guidance, I’ve really been able to do it my way, fitting it into my schedule, social life, etc. (I’ll admit, I never gave up wine and probably never will!) That being said, I want to keep going! I’m so grateful for all your support and guidance this year!"
- Mireille F.


"You Ms. Shorkey are a fricken Saint and you should know it. Never have I felt so supported. I always knew there was a kind, spunky, trainer on the other end, ready to help me make whatever changes we needed to make, be it to help tighten up the training session or figure out subs to the diet. Without that lifeline, I never would have made it so far and those times I felt like giving up, I just would have if I was on my own. I swear my routine before was curls, bench, deadlift, situps, done. But you showed me how to go through a bunch of lifting, circling back through muscle groups that gave up 10 minutes prior, and to lift in a way that left my shirt sopping wet, sometimes worse than my cardio days. I was blown away how much you could sweat lifting weights. You helped me kick a life long soy sauce addiction. But I have now learned that I actually like Braggs just as much. Another addiction down, how about sugar? Yeah, shit tastes way too sweet now. And how about my morning ritual lemon water? I literally crave lemon water now. After about 6 weeks, people started noticing my body changes. Unlike other programs, I didn't start dropping pants sizes, even after 9 weeks, I've lost a little waist size, but by in large I have cut around 10 lbs very slowly while growing a lot in my upper frame and my legs have become rock hard. Someone saw my arms after a recent workout and thought I must box, no, just eat enormous amounts of kale and tempeh and lift 4 times a week. I went from, literally couldn't do a pushup anymore, to can do 100 over 3 sets, or 45 in 1 set. I went from rehab status abs to quite a strong core, able to do leg raises in the roman chair and whatever else you throw my way. I went from a spare tire gut to a pinch of flab. From spaghetti noodle arms to guns with buldge and definition. And let's give credit where credits due, I already had a sweet butt, but I went from some cake to more cake. All in all, I broke some huge habits, forged new ones, became a gym regular and put on actual gains, brah. All on a vegan diet. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you Sam. For everything. Hugs from New Zealand."
- Dan O.

"I contacted Samantha in the fall of 2019 as I was about to enter a 12 week fitness competition at work. I work in emergency services and have tried some of the fad diets and workout plans previously with varied results. The competition was all men ranging from 25 to 45 years old with myself competing at 38 years old. We were measured via calliper testing for body fat as well as weight. The goal being to see the percentage change in everyone’s body composition based on weight lost and muscle gained. Top 3 were awarded cash prizes. Not being vegan or vegetarian, I was skeptical and honestly worried about the diet plan. However Samantha worked with me and helped me come up with some alternatives when things got rough. The fitness plan was tailored to fit my athletic ability and I really enjoyed it despite getting my ass kicked on certain days and on certain exercises I wasn’t used to! I had concerns about the diet and workout plan due to shift work and my crazy schedule. Samantha worked with me to ensure I met my goals regardless of the inconsistency of sleep and routine in my life. I would say I noticed results around week 3 or 4 of the first bulking phase especially in my back and shoulders. The cutting phase was tough but I could see the results in my waist shrinking which kept my momentum going! I’m proud to say I stuck with it and survived. I started at 197 lbs and 16% body fat and finished at 186 lbs and 13% body fat giving me a 29% change in body composition, increasing muscle mass and losing fat. I ended up finishing third in the competition beating several guys in their 20’s and losing only to a guy who lost 40 lbs and another guy who is a professional body builder.  Overall I was extremely impressed with my results and the experience with Jacked On the Beanstalk. Samantha kept tabs on me and continued the encouragement throughout the whole process. It’s now almost two months later and I’ve still kept lean at around 190 lbs. I learned a lot through the diet plan and am managing my macros much better than I ever have. I still follow the workout plans as I‘ve grown to really enjoy them! I will definitely use Samantha to write a new one for future goals."
- Richard R. **Transformation photos not included because of his job**


"Eating the way you have listed in my plan has been a HUGE eye opener about nutrition and feeding my body. That is a piece that I had been missing. It's not just about calorie deficit. I can definitely feel the difference with your plan over plans I have done in the past. Bravo, Sam!"
- Crystal S.


vegan before and after vegan coaching transformation

"Regarding your vegan coaching program, it was not too intense. It was perfect. I spent less time at the gym but it was very effective. Meal plan was good. I started getting hangry by the end of the first month during the day but I never felt like I have no energy or deprived. When I started following the plan, I started losing about 0.3-0.5 pounds a day even on a cheat meal day. The plan you wrote definitely worked for me and results were more then I could hope for. To be honest, I really did not expect that I could look like this. My back pain and my night leg spasms were gone and overall, I felt great. My face cleared up, my hair stopped falling out as much. I just got healthier overall. Thank you Samantha."
- Ekaterina R.


"I’m so thankful I found Sam Shorkey! I was trying to lose weight for so long and failing miserably! I truly believed hormone imbalance (due to my age) is the culprit so I had my levels checked and everything came back normal. Fast forward to finding Sam online as I searched for a vegan nutrition and fitness coach. I was nervous about the commitment to the program but at the same time I was desperate to lose the extra 20 lbs. I felt like I was at my biggest size and I didn’t want it to get any worse! Sam completely “rebooted my system” as I would call it. It’s a healthy weight loss process which I love because I know that it’s going to be my lifelong commitment. It has to be sustainable. I love everything about Sam's coaching style! She doesn’t only tackle the whats and hows but also talks about the whys. After all, we do have to know what drives us to reach and maintain our goals. I love that I’m never hungry. I love that my workout program is fun and I see positive changes in my body so I truly look forward to each training day. I love that I get to have a ‘recharge meal’ which actually worried me at first because I’ve done a “cheat day” in the past that became a week and eventually sent me off the wagon. I was never able to recover from it. She shared with me her reasons for recommending a recharge meal and it completely made sense. I surprised myself by being able to get right back to my nutrition program so now I’m able to really enjoy it. I love that my muscles are always working (because she switches things up) and I’m getting stronger! I’ve been doing a lot of things that I couldn’t do before like sit ups (my core was really weak) and was even able to do a handstand at first attempt. I love the flow of communication. Sam responds quickly to emails and answers all my questions and concerns. She’s very generous with her knowledge and expertise. Best of all, I have a lot of respect for her as a coach and I think that makes it easier for me to really follow her program. I highly recommend Sam Shorkey to anyone wanting to lose weight and sculpt their bodies the healthy way! I also recommend her protein powder, it’s become my favorite!"
- Jen D.S.


"Samantha Shorkey 100% for best online vegan coach! It’s been a while since I’ve worked with her (and trust me, it shows), but she’s who I go running to every time I need (and am ready for help) since 2012. She nails it every time, is totally realistic, completely unpretentious and approachable, reasonable, and just SO extremely knowledgeable and fun. I felt like I’d known her for years, the first time I ever talked to her, and had better results with her vegan coaching than I’ve ever had alone or otherwise."
- Natalie R.


vegan 12 week transformation jacked on the beanstalk vegan coaching

"Just wanted to tell you that your vegan coaching program makes me feel like a freaking rock star. I cannot believe how much strength and endurance I’ve gained already. Also, my husband was staring at me yesterday like a creeper (I was actually wearing shorts and a tank top for once) and I was like, WHATTTTT? And he said in a matter of just a few weeks, I’ve made the same amount of progress as a program I had been doing for many months, and actually probably more so because he started pointing out changes he’s already seeing. He is my biggest cheerleader and always has been but he also knows the struggle I’ve gone through, so for him to point out how I’m already showing changes in a short amount of time without me even asking, it must be true."
- Heather A. 


online vegan coaching vegan bikini competitor soy free vegan bodybuilding meal plan

"My experience with Samantha and her bad-ass vegan plan. I’ve been vegan for over 3 years now and was experimenting with different diet approaches: low fat, low carb, high fat, high carb… you name it. I wanted to do bikini competition and couldn’t find a good trainer especially vegan, when a friend of “ours” (Samantha’s and mine), recommended me to speak to Samantha and it was probably a year ago. I was still hesitant but I wasn’t shy to try her recipes especially bodybuilders seitan bread. This summer I decided I really want to do something new and I finally reached out to Samantha not knowing that only 2 weeks ago she became a mother. Despite the new life changes, being a mother, having a baby, Samantha replied to me with such optimism but warned that she will be a little slow on the program because of the baby. Well… that never happened! I don’t know how she managed work and baby but her approach and constant communication made me feel very comfortable and I knew she will help me to reach my goals. I’ve built a booty that I didn’t have and I’m being asked at the gym if I’m training for competition. Even though I am still indecisive about the competition, the thought of looking like a bikini competitor/bodybuilder gives me confidence, and I know that I do look like one now. Samantha’s meal plan is easy to follow, it’s flexible, you don’t have to eat the exact same foods. You can make it to your preference as long as you’re reaching your macros. But it’s better to eat the same food day in and day out just because it’s easy to track. Workout plan is amazing! I know that when I’m ready for a competition, Samantha will be my coach of choice! Loved working with her, she always is in the great bad-ass spirit. And that’s what you want from your coach!"
- Svetlana K., soy-free vegan coaching client


"I had been an "off and on vegan" for the past couple of years. When quarantine started, I knew I needed the help and motivation to drop the last few pounds that had been lingering. I love running, but hadn't done much weight lifting and now my gym was closed. My diet currently included many sugar binges and yo yo dieting. Samantha was amazing taking all of that into consideration when she tailored a plan that was PERFECT for me. She came up with a meal plan that included foods to satisfy my sweet tooth and a workout plan that worked with my small home gym equipment and my love for running. She was quick to respond to all my questions and progress pictures. She was very helpful and super encouraging along the way. As a busy mom with eight kids, her workouts were easy to do any time at home and I am really happy with my progress. This is a new lifestyle for me!"
- Rebecca F.


“It seems as though my mind has held onto the image of myself as being athletic from high school... over 10 years ago! The reality is, if I didn’t live in New York City and have to walk everywhere, I would be living a sedentary lifestyle. I wasn’t fully aware how hard it was going to be to find my groove again in the gym, and it was quite discouraging. Luckily, after some time of being honest with myself, and realizing I’m going to need a helpful push, I did an online search and came across Samantha Shorkey's vegan coaching webpage. I was reading a lot about her journey and how she’s results-driven for her clients. However, the most impressive part was that she does this as a happily devoted vegan, and caters to the principles of all natural bodybuilding! I was so impressed I decided why not give it a try. Well, that was about two years ago! As of today we’re working on a new game plan to get me to my desired shape and I can’t wait! I love working with women who uphold integrity within themselves and their business. Sam’s always available to answer my questions and to help me as much as she can from our living distance. She hears my concerns and never aggressively pushes an agenda of price, which I have experienced before when searching for a trainer. I truly enjoy working with Sam. She’s as charismatic as she is beautiful and strong, and I look forward to walking the stage like her one day!”
- Zakia M.


"I am so GRATEFUL for Sam Shorkey's vegan coaching. When I came to her for help, I asked her to create a meal plan and workout plan that suited my busy lifestyle. With a few simple eating changes, and going to the gym three times a week, I was able to lose 12 pounds in just 14 weeks, and gain lots of muscle at the same time. I noticed myself feeling so much stronger, healthier, and above all — confident again! Thanks, Sam :)"
- Shannon M.


"I just wanted to share with you that I busted out of the 130s today. I’m not focusing on the scale, I truly feel great and my clothes that haven’t fit are back on and feel better than before! It’s been so long since I’ve seen that 2 on the scale. And I’ve never been on this end. I’ve always lost weight on the scale and then gained from muscle and told people, as long as you feel good and your clothes fit and measure, you’re good but never actually been there. I’ve also never done bodybuilding like this either so it’s all new to me and I’m excited about it! So I just wanted to tell you and thank you again so much!"
- Julie F.


"Thanks to Samantha I was able to achieve a life long goal of competing in my 1st bodybuilding competition!  I am grateful for her knowledge and highly recommend her for a vegan bikini prep."
-Mikaela A, 2nd place winner in NPC competition, first time competitor


"I don't know how you do it Sam but you are so great!  Thank you so much for being in my life. You are an invaluable resource to me. You create realistic and sustainable food and workout plans based on my own needs and goals. All I needed to do was follow them to realize my best body. While it sounds simple, discipline is constantly tested. Self mastery is a conscious choice. This is what differentiates my fit body from my fat body. Thank you Sam for sharing your wisdom and knowledge!"
- Kim R.


"I decided to become vegan right after my first bikini competition. I thought I was eating “dairy free” for years! I didn’t realize that even during my “clean eating” preparation for my bikini competition that I was eating a lot of milk and gelatin! So I tried the vegan thing for a month and discovered that being vegan was so freaking awesome! I honestly, had never felt better. My whole life I struggled with a laundry list of gastrointestinal problems and acne. I just thought I had bad genes or digestive tract. But NO! It wasn’t me at all, it’s what I was eating! I decided that I was going to do another show, but this time 100% vegan. I went back to my coach and told him and he pretty much laughed in my face. He told me that if I wanted to “win,” I needed to start taking steroids because I’ll never be lean enough or muscular enough and being vegan is VERY expensive. I had to walk away. Thankfully my BFF (who was already vegan) came to the rescue! She was telling me about all these shredded vegans she follows on Instagram and YouTube who ARE all natural. I did some research and stumbled upon Team Jacked on the Beanstalk. I will tell you straight up that having Samantha as a coach was a complete 180 from my previous coaching experience. Before, it was all about being the best and not disappointing the coach. No matter how hard I worked it was never good enough. NEVER have I felt that way with Samantha. Her best qualities are that she is encouraging, loves building women up emotionally, mentally, and physically with positive reinforcement, and she ACTUALLY LISTENS!!!! One thing that I noticed after I started my first diet with her was that my acne was kinda getting crazy and of course I did some research. I discovered that soy can cause acne in some people. My skin is super acne-prone (I’m Italian, and we oily AF!) I asked Coach Shorkey if we could do a soy-free vegan bikini prep diet. She never questioned me, she didn’t hesitate, she just said "let’s try it out!" My vegan competition prep was completely soy-free. My acne did calm down after that! I still struggle with it but it made a huge difference. I appreciate that she listened and worked with me so much. She has never made me feel like my opinion does not matter. I will absolutely continue to work with Samantha because she has even helped me with my body image. Let’s face it, going from show ready to a normal diet screws with your self-image! I am still working on that part but you need a coach who understands the struggle of competing! It’s no cake walk. Your whole life revolves around that one day! You need a good support system to keep on track. Samantha (and her sister Sarah) did exactly that, they encouraged me positively! I highly recommend working with Samantha, even if it is just for lifestyle or you want to get into better shape. You do NOT need steroids to gain muscle! I am an example of that and so is Samantha. You never know what you will learn or who you will meet or experiences that you will have by trying new things and setting goals for yourself. I hope this testimonial inspires or encourages you to do something positive for YOURSELF. And if anyone's interested in my crazy vegan fitness journey, follow me on Instagram: CandyBaby8989!"
- Candace W., winning NPC vegan bikini competitor


delanie vegan bikini competitor team jacked on the beanstalk

"I remember stumbling across Sam's blog after watching Bite Sized Vegan's Interview with Pro-Bikini Competitor Samantha Shorkey on Youtube. Once I watched both her videos about bodybuilding and competing for her show where she won her pro card, I was immediately sold on what she represents in that realm of bodybuilding and seeing her prepare for her show as a vegan gave me hope that I too can build lean muscle and lose fat on a plant-based diet. One night about a month before my vacation to Hawaii, I emailed Sam and asked her to help me by creating a vegan meal and training plan to help me look good for my vacation and it helped discipline me in eating healthier plant-based foods and by doing most of my workouts at home. However, when I came back from my vacation, I had packed the pounds I'd lost and more and now felt horrible knowing that I messed up big time...but I knew I still had a lot of time to prepare for my first NPC show and I decided to give myself 20 weeks to prepare. Sam gave me a very simple yet well-detailed vegan nutrition and training regimen for me to follow and she would switch it up every 4-5 weeks so that I would continue to see results and I sure saw them each week! And I couldn't be any more pleased and proud of all the hard work and dedication I've put into this prep. Thank you so much Sam for putting up with my ridiculous amount of emails I've sent and for always being so gracious in making a ton of adjustments to my vegan nutrition plans and online training program regimens. You are by far the best coach I've ever worked with and I look forward to the day I decide to compete again and work with you once more.  God bless you and your sister Sarah and I wish you ladies nothing but the best!! Keep on doing great things for your clients as well as inspiring us each and everyday. Love you both!
- Delanie B., 20 week transformation


"I am doing great with the diet and workout plans so far! I am almost three weeks in and feeling great. The workouts are fine and I’m loving that I’m not having to spend as much time as I was at the gym. I’ve weighed myself for the past week and am down 6 lbs. since I started! Overall I’ve been happy with your vegan coaching! I feel like I missed out on the nutrients I wasn’t getting before. I was breaking out and my face just didn’t look like it had color. Since following the JOTB diet plan, I notice my skin has gotten much brighter and clear. I can’t thank you enough!"
- Lindsay D.


caitlin catto vegan bikini competitor team jacked on the beanstalk vegan coaching

"At the beginning of 2017 I decided to go vegan! I had always wanted to compete in a bikini competition but was unsure how to go about it being a vegan. I did a lot of research to find a coach but I found a lot of coaches would not do a vegan prep or were not knowledgeable about a vegan diet. I was close to giving up and that’s when I found Sam. I knew by her clients' testimonials and the fact that she was the first ever vegan world natural bikini pro that this girl knew her stuff!!  It was amazing working with Sam.  She’s very detail oriented and really professional, and she actually cares about her clients!!! My prep was not without struggles but she was there for me and helped my every step of the way!! I also met her at a vegan conference she was speaking at in Calgary!! She helped me get in the best shape of my life and helped me place top 5 in both my classes!!! I will continue to work with Sam and can’t wait to do another prep with her!!!
-Caitlin C. **Photo by AJK Photography**


“Hi Samantha. Thank you so much for my plans! I really appreciate your kind words and encouragement. I'm excited to start this program, and I love that you outlined everything down to the specifics. This makes it a LOT less stressful for me moving forward, and for that, I am extremely thankful :) You have definitely exceeded my expectations.  By the way, not sure if it's placebo effect, but my energy levels have improved drastically. I added in the supplements you suggested, and have been following the meal suggestions you laid out for me. My energy and focus is mind-blowing! Thanks so much.”
- Natalie Z.

rachel yarger vegan bikini competitor team jacked on the beanstalk vegan coaching

"I just can’t thank Sam enough for coaching me through my first bikini competition.  This was something I had always thought about doing, but wasn’t sure I could handle the diet side of prep.  There was so much information out there if you were on a meat based diet, but not very much a vegan.  I was afraid of being hungry all the time or having really complicated meals to prepare.  After I started talking to Sam, I realized the diet side wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be, and in fact, was actually enjoyable.  The structured diet was easy to follow, didn’t have any “weird” supplements, and gave me plenty of energy for training.  I’m blown away by my results, and even plan on following a similar meal plan in the off season.  Sam was amazing to work with throughout my prep, giving me tons of motivation, modifications to my diet if I needed it, and great tips prior to competition day.  Because of Sam, I was able to obtain the body I always dreamed of.  I can’t thank her enough!"
- Rachel Y., 2nd place winner (bikini novice), 3rd place winner (bikini open)


"It has been awesome being part of the Jacked on the Beanstalk babe brigade. Thank you seriously for your patience! I didn't realize how much weight I had lost until this morning when I tried on my yoga pants.. They were huge!! So that's when I decided to see how I looked in photos and I was like.. What!! Through the on and the off and with your guidance, this is what I have been able to do!! Y'ALL Rock 😉  Thank you so much for all your help and patience with me. I'm so happy I invested in your help because I felt like I had some accountability you know? Now I finally reached happiness inside and out.  Love you, Shorkey sisters. Thank you, thank you!!"
- Victoria W.


kim paws vegan figure competitor team jacked on the beanstalk vegan coaching

"I want to thank my amazing coach Samantha Shorkey who helped me prep my body for this show! The nine weeks leading up to this were hectic and busy but I was not tired or starving or even craving much. Samantha, I honestly have to say you are the best coach I have ever had! In the past I have been exhausted, angry and depressed.  I used to binge like no other but on your plans, I feel full, satisfied and have so much energy!! I truly believe in the power of plants as fuel and thank you so much for guiding me to my best physique yet!   I truly am "Jacked on the Beanstalk" and am excited to train for the next competition in June!"
- Kim C., 2nd place WNBF figure competitor


"Hello Samantha! You don't know me but know a GREAT friend of mine who is probably your favorite client. She tends to have that effect on people. I just wanted to reach out and say thanks for taking her on and guiding and coaching her through this MASSIVE challenge. It means a lot to her that you're communicating with her more often even with your HECTIC schedule. She is fully committed and has followed your nutrition and training regimen to the T which is tough BTW. I even went with her to buy the food scale. I took her to a high school football field to do your phase two fasted cardio sprints. I'm a runner so that's where I come in lol. This is a life altering journey and it's inspiring and motivating to see her transform and I can't wait to see her fully evolve into who she wants to be!!!"
- Luis G. Jr.


"Dropping a line to check in and let you know how I'm getting on with the strength and diet plans. The weight training outlined in this phase has contributed to the most "personal bests" across the board in everything. I am lifting heavier than I ever have and feel like I could kick some serious ass. I am doing reps of deadlifts in the 200 lb. range and dumbbell curls with 35 lb. DB's; walking lunges are over 75 lbs. and chest press up to 100 lbs. It feels great to put on some mass especially since I am gearing up to start training plans for fencing and pentathlon at the end of this month. You will see me return next year to put on some mass again and build some serious muscle. I will keep you in the loop as to my future wins this season and will attribute all success to getting jacked on the beanstalk! Thanks for your amazing plans and all the support!"
- Michelle O.


laura jordan vegan model vegan dancer team jacked on the beanstalk vegan coaching

"I am very pleased to have started training with Jacked on the Beanstalk online vegan coaching.  Sam's meal plan works perfectly with my body and is remarkably healthy.  I've learned a great deal about training and living a vegan lifestyle. I first came across Jacked on the Beanstalk when I started researching vegan fitness plans online. I had two dance competitions coming up in 2.5 months and I wanted to increase my strength and lean out. Following Sam's plan down to every detail (and truly enjoying it) I was able to reach my goals!  I looked great on stage and felt I was physically at my best.  I benefited from her personalized program so I continue to work with Sam, to set new goals and reach them with her expertise."
- Laura J., competitive vegan dancer


"I got second place as a vegan in BOTH bikini masters AND bikini open in my NPC competition today! There were 23 competitors so I am beyond ecstatic with my placing. Everyone said I brought my best package in two years!  I could not have done it without you, Sam. Thanks a million! I had a great time competing, but most importantly, it was an amazingly easy and healthy prep! GO VEGAN!"
- Agathe R, 2nd place winner, NPC bikini masters and open


"Hey lovely ladies! Thanks for the check ins, it's really appreciated. OH MY GOODNESS things have been great so far. I'm feeling energized but never bloated by my food, clean because I'm not eating processed junk and I'm saving money because I'm not buying lunch everyday! Also the fact that it's small, savory meals means I feel like I'm always eating and it's not long to wait until I'm satisfied again. I've had meal plans before where the snacks have been apples and almonds and I don't feel satisfied after. Also been smashing the gym with renewed vigour. Oh and I'm already feeling better about my body. All in all, I'm very happy. Thank you for everything!"
- Lucy G.


bj gumkowski yogi triathlete team jacked on the beanstalk

"I'm less than two weeks out from my next Ironman competition and wanted to share that I've been durable throughout all the training, and I believe I'm stronger on the bike as I hoped thanks to you and precisely why I worked with you this past winter.  I now see a big need to maintain this Jacked on the Beanstalk routine even longer than I had. So as soon as Ironman is over, I'll recover and then begin strength training following your plans again. Your training and nutrition programming was super beneficial. So THANK YOU for helping me out. I hope I can share with others the benefits I've received from strength training with you. Rock on, my favorite Canadian vegan! Thanks again for all your help. I truly do appreciate it."
- Brian G., 7-time vegan Ironman triathlete, Boston Marathon qualifier, triathlon and running coach


Anne 11 week vegan transformation online vegan coaching

"I exercised regularly for the past 12 years and have been vegan for 9 years, but would lose interest for periods of time in either nutrition or exercise. As a goal for turning 42, I thought I'd give one of those body transformation programs a try. I wanted to lean out and build/maintain muscle, but had no interest in competing in a bikini contest. I knew I didn't have the knowledge to put together a well-designed plan combining nutrition and exercise/weightlifting together to meet my goals, so I researched a bunch of vegan body physique coaches. Sam Shorkey responded to me right away to explain her offerings, plus I liked other things she promoted. She had blogs about "kind aging" and using essential oils, as well as podcasts on many common topics. I completed 11 weeks, and I decreased overall body weight by 15.5 lbs, decreased body fat by 10 lbs, and increased lean mass by 1.5 - 1.7 lbs. I just about cussed through all the leg days, and actually found the nutrition part easier than the heavy weightlifting. Many times, I had to tell myself to be patient and trust the process. I learned a lot and created this great "reset" for myself. I am very happy with the results and am already working with Sam on my next phase of goals. I highly recommend her programming!"
- Anne D.


"Hey Samantha! I have lost about 10 pounds and 4 inches around my waist. I’m so happy about the inches lost around my waist. I thought my waist would be the last to change but it's becoming the first. My clothes are fitting like they should. I’m gaining confidence again mentally and physically. I feel so much stronger as well. It’s been a lot of hard work for sure. Ready to do more hard things to get to my goal: the best ME! Thank you for all of your help!"
- Jamie S.


"All I can say is WOW!  Lady, you are simply awesome at what you do. These workouts -- creative, challenging mentally and physically, effective and AWESOME! I am definitely being pushed outside of my comfort zone and love it. And this style is unlike anything I have done. I am also really enjoying this phase of the vegan nutrition plan. And I know my core is a shit ton stronger since working with you! YAY!!!! Thank you for the time and talent you are investing in me. I am so happy I started our partnership before all this crazy pandemic quarantining ensued in our world. Your program and accountability has kept me truly grounded in my fitness and nutrition. And that is powerful. I am so GRATEFUL for you. And when your vegan wellness retreat opens up, sign me the fuck up! :) I would be there in a heartbeat! What an amazing goal and vision! A way to further impact and help support. It will be a HUGE success."
- Ami P.


Kaleigh vegan weight loss transformations sam shorkey vegan coach jacked on the beanstalk

"Have I told you how much I appreciate you?! I do. So much. Working with you has been life changing. I've never felt so confident, healthy and beautiful- inside and out. I've always beat myself up in the past- and now I just trust the process and I'm grateful, proud and practicing self-love like cray cray.  OMG and I don't ever really even fart anymore, Sam! My stomach and my boyfriend thank you."
- Kaleigh L.


"Sam Shorkey, words can’t express the gratitude and vegan love that I feel for you.  Never in my life have I felt such incredible strength externally and most of all internally.  Your style of training and vegan meal prep honestly is the bomb! My body has muscle in ways I never could have dreamed. One of the greatest things during this competition was the recovery. For how hard I trained, I felt amazing each and every day. Your guidance was the perfect vehicle on this road to life transformation.  Coach, thank you from the bottom of my heart for having the passion you do and helping me to become my best self."
- Crystal J.


denise koutlakis vegan canadian nationals bikini competitor team jacked on the beanstalk vegan coaching

"I had been following Jacked on the Beanstalk for a few years before I finally decided to take the plunge and enter into my first bodybuilding competition. Sam’s blog was so inspiring that I knew if anyone could help me it would be her. Since I started working with Sam I have learned so much about what it really means to be healthy and take care of yourself while also pushing towards your best everyday. Sam took all the guess work out for me during my training and has been an amazing support throughout the entire process; she is always there when I need extra help or hit a rough patch during my prep. After years of yo-yo dieting and inconsistent training, Sam has helped me to move past it and finally become healthy and fit for life, while guiding me towards achieving my goals with competing. I am so grateful that I stumbled upon Jacked on the Beanstalk by fluke one day because it has changed my life and my health in ways that I never thought were possible."
- Denise K., OPA National Level Vegan Bikini Competitor


"Wow, Samantha. Once again, I am blown away by your vegan coaching. Thank you so very very much. I can't tell you how grateful I am for these new plans. I really appreciate you getting them to me so fast and I am proud of myself and the hard work I am putting in. It is very hard but it is SO worth it. Man, the workouts are SO HARD... the heavy weights and reps but each week they get a sliver easier... one more rep in a set, a bit heavier weight. I LOVE THIS. I think today I finally felt like the stairclimber was my b**ch, too! I definitely sweat in the gym. I'm breathing hard, moving from weights to machines, back to weights... I'm firmer overall. I feel good. People are constantly commenting on how I'm glowing. Thank you Samantha. Thank you so much."
-Andrea E.


rebecca gourley vegan bikini competitor team jacked on the beanstalk vegan coaching

"Working with Sam was great! She has so many resources for inspiration and motivation. Her podcasts, recipes and communication make the online vegan coaching experience very personable. She helped with so much more than diet and exercise. From stage tips to emotions of prep. I'm excited to have her as my trainer for my next show!"
- Rebecca G.


"I just crushed my leg workout and am feeling great!  My energy is fantastic, although sometimes I get hangry! (Thank goodness I have a patient and forgiving husband....who cooked up a veggie burger and ripped up some kale leaves. I will keep him!)  The scale is a lying bastard and he is going away!! I took another progress pic, because these keep me motivated.  I also survived Thanksgiving and my daughter's birthday party by making sure I had protein and veggies ready to go. I made a wicked Caesar salad with chickpea croutons. It was the "Oh She Glows" recipe, but with a nut free, oil free dressing. So yummy!!  Anyway...I'm feeling great, I actually look forward to the workouts and am probably becoming an annoying pest to my co-workers and family because I can't stop talking about vegan food and working out. :) (Somebody has to do it...)  Looking forward to the next few weeks!"
-Sylvia D.


"You ladies are lovely! I feel so lucky. Thanks for the support! Mwah! This is my first VEGAN rodeo, so I do have a lot to learn, but loving the process. Let me know if you are ever adopting another sister because I love the energy you produce!"
- Laura T.


"Hey, Sam! I have completed your amazing program. And I am really enjoying the change up and challenge. I LOVE - not always during - the workouts you have carefully crafted. Great programming! Been consistent with my meal plan and falling closely to macro goals every day. Increased energy and eating more regularly. I do feel more in control and love having your support and the structure. So happy I made the decision to reach out. Your program, both nutrition and workouts, are giving me the structure and challenge to really UP LEVEL my self-care. And your humor, support and tips are truly invaluable and just what I needed to steadily push past comfort zones. Thank you so much for everything. Invaluable!"
- Ami P.


vegan bikini competitor team jacked on the beanstalk vegan coaching

"Before I started with Sam, I had lost all motivation and let myself go physically and health-wise. I had competed before a few years ago but never had a coach and didn't do well. I had since became plant-based but knew it would be hard to find a trainer.. That's when I found Sam online and "Team Jacked on the Beanstalk." Since starting training, my mindset has completely changed for the better. I no longer look in the mirror unhappy with what I see. Instead I am excited about the amount of muscle gains and weight loss I had during my prep. I couldn't have gotten to where I am without Sam's direction and encouragement. I wake up excited to workout and eat my meals now! She was there every step of the way with check-ins, Skype calls and adjustments during prep, according to how I was progressing. The workouts are great, vegan meal plan was filled with whole foods and both are easy to follow. Plus the plan is completely natural with no weird stuff. A vegan trainer is hard to find and Sam is one of the best and I can't thank her enough for all she's done coaching me!"
-Lynsee M.


"Hi Sam! What an AWESOME job you do in writing up my vegan nutrition and training plan. I'm super excited. I ordered the BCAAs from the company of your suggestion and I greatly appreciate the discount. I appreciate your thorough and complete job on these plans and I'll be sure to stay in touch to let you know how I'm doing. Again, thank you for the fantastic plans and terrific coaching. I feel inspired and motivated. Cheers and hugs!"
- Lauren H., new client feedback


kristin g vegan bikini competitor team jacked on the beanstalk vegan coaching

"18 weeks ago, I started my very first competition prep.  I had absolutely no idea how hard this would be.  This is the hardest thing I've done mentally and physically but also the most amazing thing I've done.  I have never put so much of myself into something.  My blood, sweat and tears (literally) went into every single day because I wanted it so bad.  The end result was losing 20 lbs.  I could have never done this without my absolutely amazing coach Sam Shorkey.  Sam pushed me further than I knew I was capable of and made my body into something I never knew it could become.  Thank you so much for all your time and effort, Sam.  I'm so lucky to be a part of Team Jacked on the Beanstalk.  18 weeks of nothing but pure determination resulted in 2nd place in my first competition and becoming provincially qualified in bikini tall.  This has been such an amazing experience!  Now ask me where I get my protein!"
- Kristin G., 2nd Place Winner (bikini open)


"Sam!  I just read your newest blog post. And I commend you for being vulnerable and sharing that. You're such an inspiration to me and the fact that you're so raw and real with everyone makes you such an amazing coach and person.  I know we haven't known each other that long (heck even met in person) but I knew you would be the right coach for me and emailing you was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I know you already know all of this but I just wanted to tell you that you're amazing to me.  Phase 3 has to probably be my favourite so far in regards to the meals and workouts. I feel like I grew so much mentally/emotionally in this phase. And just as you told me, the focus has to be on gaining not losing. I feel like I am SOO much less hard on myself and I feel incredibly lighter inside. Like I said, a lot of emotional/mental growth. Thanks for being understanding and knowing what to say when I was so lost.  Excited for the new plans!!!! Thank you for everything."
- Kristia B.


Shohreh D team jacked on the beanstalk vegan coaching

"I am a vegan personal trainer and the founder and owner of Glitter & Grit Fitness. When I needed to prep for a fitness photo shoot in 10 weeks' time, I sought out a coach for myself (even fit pros need coaches). If you can believe it, the first coach I contacted refused to work with me because I don't eat animal products, so I knew I needed a vegan coach who would understand my lifestyle. Enter Sam Shorkey! Sam is a transformation expert, and she really knew how to lean me out and get my muscles poppin' in time for the shoot. Her plans are not easy, but they're also not unhealthy or ridiculous, and most importantly, they WORK. Her coaching was especially invaluable in the final week before the photoshoot because I previously knew nothing about water manipulation, spray tans, or pumping before a shoot. Plus, coaching aside, Sam is the kinda gal I would want to sit down and get a (vegan!) burger with. She's funny, down-to-Earth, and I really enjoyed working with her."
- Shohreh D. **Photo by Audra Oden**


"Having Sam work with me as my coach was literally one of the best experiences I have had by far. Working out and eating healthy is already hard enough as it is, but doing it "vegan-style" is definitely a step out of any comfort zone I have ever encountered. I couldn't imagine doing a contest prep without Sam again seeing as she is so knowledgeable, sincere but honest, and is always there to help when needed. Not only do I look the best I have ever looked, but I FEEL the best I have ever felt. Prepping for competitions or in general are a total mental and physical test, but doing so naturally with someone as inspiring and compassionate about that lifestyle makes it that much more enjoyable (or as enjoyable as it could get lol). Sam works with your personal needs, gives great tips and examples on exercises (my booty and body look too good to be true), and she is easy to talk to and so down to earth. I look forward to many more preps with Sam and continue to lead a "Jacked on the Beanstalk" lifestyle with this bikini beast! Thank you Sam so much for changing my lifestyle for the better!"


- Lexy Z., NPC Bikini Competitor

karrinna c vegan figure competitor team jacked on the beanstalk vegan coaching

"This figure competition prep has been so easy since I went back to being a vegan. I am shocked! Sam knew that mentally I just couldn't continue eating animal-based foods, and I didn't care if going back to being a vegan was going to ruin my prep. I was willing to take that chance, BUT it's absolutely been the opposite. My body is responding better and I feel unreal!! I am still super strong and my running has only gotten faster.  My joints don't ache, I sleep like a baby, I am super happy with my diet, I am not hungry, bathroom duties are on point lol. All of this without hurting some poor helpless animal!! Sam OMG what is wrong with people??? They need to get on the Jacked on the Beanstalk train! I am down another 2.6 lbs. this week doing everything Sam has suggested. My bloat is also gone since I switched completely to Jacked on the Beanstalk brown rice protein like she said and started taking her suggested supplements. Samantha Shorkey is a vegan bodybuilding GENUIS!"
- Karrinna C., NPC figure competitor


"I had no idea how to start training for a half marathon race. It was obvious I would have to run quite often but I had no idea what to eat or how I could fit my other fitness goals into my training especially as a vegan. I still wanted to lift and gain strength. One day I googled “vegan personal trainer” and the first thing that came up was Samantha Shorkey’s – Jacked On The Beanstalk online training. I looked at her success stories and what she was about and decided that she might be a good fit for me. I have had a personal trainer in the past but I never tried online training before. I sent an email inquiry and signed up. This was honestly one of the best decisions I could have ever made in regards to my vegan training. Sam’s training plan was excellent but challenging and personally, I loved it. I followed my training plan and did long runs on Sundays. Sam and her sister Sarah would answer any questions or concerns I had and send emails with motivational videos and check in on how I was doing. I accomplished my goals and more, I lost 20 pounds and was feeling great. If you are vegan and are looking for a personal trainer, I highly recommend you check out Jacked On The Beanstalk. Sam and Sarah are amazing positive people, with a great approach to online vegan coaching. I will definitely be going to them for all of my future training."
- Krystal-Lee S. of


cintia vegan 12 week transformation challenger team jacked on the beanstalk vegan coaching

"I've spent most of my life struggling with my weight and what others told me was proper nutrition.  However, from as early as four, I knew that I had a tremendous love for animals and that I wanted to be vegan.  As an Argentine, (they love their BBQs and steaks) this proved to be quite difficult in my family.  Years later, after becoming very sick, surgery, and discovering that I am both lactose intolerant and have Celiacs disease, I finally decided to walk into the unknown: being vegan and I loved it! But... I continued to struggle with proper nutrition and self care/love.  Then, one rainy day, surfing the internet, I came across Jacked on the Beanstalk and these two sassy gals. I have NEVER been happier!  Samantha taught me how to nourish my body, how to love, exercise and care for my body and how to believe in myself.  Both Sam and Sarah (the adorable check-in nerd ;-) were always there to answer any of my questions and never failed to inspire or encourage me along the way.  Their motivational client YouTube videos ROCK!  In addition, the meal plans are bombastic!  The first meal plan was so good that I have continued eating the same way for months to come.  Especially the protein pancakes! I get cravings for them.  (Gonna go bake some right now!)  Anyhow, I finally am at a place in life where I feel like Marty/George Mcfly in "Back to the Future"..... "IF you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything."  Someday, I WILL compete.  Love you two gals!"
- Cintia D, 2016 $250,000 12-Week Transformation Challenger


"I am beyond happy with everything! I have seen changes in this program within 4 weeks that I had only started to see with my older program from a different coach after 10+ weeks! AND I'm getting these results with a cheat meal every weekend! AMAZING!! I'm loving the workouts as well as the meal plan! The training is so fun and I feel it every day! The nutrition plan is just the right amount of food! I weighed myself this afternoon when I woke up and I am down 4 lbs. and feeling great! It is a week and a half into phase 2 and I am LOVING IT!! The workouts are absolutely killer (in the best way) and I keep surprising myself with my cardio gains. Diet-wise, I'm loving it! In other news, I had to go clothes shopping today for my interviews coming up and I fit into a size 6 pant!! I honestly cannot remember the last time I fit into that size! Thank you so much Sam!"
- Kari V.


"Sam, thank you so much for everything. You’re a breath of fresh air and your support means a lot to me. I’d like to think that if it wasn’t for me signing up for this bikini competition that our paths would never have crossed and I’m a big believer in things happening for a reason. I hang onto your "motivational" email and read it whenever I need a reminder that it’s okay for my priorities to change and that there are way more important things in life than a competition at this moment or loosing x number of pounds by a certain date because I have to! I thought I knew my path when the year started but it turned into something completely different so I’m going to embrace it and just basically go with it. And following a vegan lifestyle is a pretty awesome path to take. Thank you, Sam! I hope you know how great you are! You said exactly what I needed to hear and you give awesome advice!"
- Chantal L.


"Sam, I don't know how I can announce to you that... I LOVE MY NEW PLANS! Training and the vegan meal plan are just perfect! I'm really beginning to better understand my body and my needs, so meals are getting easier to plan and the training sessions are awesome! I really love mixing weights and body weight exercises. The body weight program you wrote for the upper body is much more challenging and motivating as per my request. In brief, I'm overjoyed."
Marie-Claude D.


"I want to thank you both (Sam and Sarah) so much because this process has definitely changed by life. With your vegan eating plan, not drinking alcohol and taking BCAAs and Beta Alanine, my pain from my fibromyalgia is basically gone. I never thought this could be possible! I decided to take a week off and just eat and exercise as I wanted this week and even allow myself a drink or two and I honestly feel like human garbage I am in so much pain. So clearly this plan has been working for me. My stomach has definitely gotten flatter and tinier so that is probably the biggest thing I've noticed. Thank you again so much!"
- Meaghan P.


"After contacting Sam in a panic (eight weeks out from my first-ever bikini competition) she agreed to help me and I got way more than I was expecting! Previous to contacting Sam, I had received a very poor vegan nutrition plan that I was on for four weeks and had made me really ill.  Sam sent me a new plan the next day and got me started on a healthy vegan bodybuilder diet plan.  I sent photos every week and she made adjustments to my diet when necessary.  My energy went up and I could actually get through my intense training sessions whilst still getting lean!  Sam was amazing at encouraging me and gave me lots of emotional support which I was not expecting!  I can't thank her enough for helping me."
- Paris C.


"I finished my first 6 week vegan coaching plan and thought you’d like an update! Seeing the small but noticeable difference that these past 6 weeks had has definitely helped to give me the motivation to continue. I’ve lost about 6 lbs which is great on it’s own but what I like the most is how I feel different. Even though the exercises are still hard, I can really tell how much stronger I already am ... except when it comes to jump squats. Those still suck, haha. Thanks for working with me and developing a plan that works for a currently stay-at-home new mom. It’s really helped me realize what I can do to help myself, even on the busiest days. Thanks for everything."
Amanda C.

"I just wanted to share with y'all how much better I am feeling on a vegan diet. Honestly, before starting with you Sam, my digestion was shit and that alone caused me anxiety each day. This will probably be 'too much info', but my bowel movements are WAY better! Not only that, but my energy has been more consistent and my anxiety less intense. On the long days at school where I get up at 5am and get home by 8:30-9 pm, I used to feel exhausted and burnt out. Now I may be a bit tired, but not that feeling of utter exhaustion. Thank you, Shorkey sisters for all the support thus far and for helping me in making the shift."
- Crystal S.


"Earlier this year, I decided to embark toward the goal of competing.  I had seen some other vegan bodybuilders compete on different social media pages, including Coach Shorkey herself, and decided I wanted in on the action.  Admittedly, after seeing Sam’s own competition pictures I was inspired to get a walnut crusher ass too because who doesn’t want to have an awesome ass?! (I know I do)  After finding out that Sam offers bikini competition coaching, I was psyched to email her and get started on the journey.  Let me tell you, asking Sam to be my prep coach was the best decision I could have made.  She was immediately welcoming from the start and took the time to get to know me, my goals, my fitness experience and my likes as well as my dislikes.  I knew right off the bat that competing with Sam as my coach would be a great experience and, damn, was I right!  There are certain characteristics in a coach that I truly value, a few being experience, positivity, realism, and balance.  Sam’s approach to prep embodied every single one of those characteristics.  Her approach is realistic and she doesn’t try to sugar coat prep (her no holds barred humor helps too ;) ).  She makes her clients aware that the process will be hard work and a certain balance is required to maintain mental clarity while also enjoying the process.  I knew her experience with competing before asking her to be my coach but it was her realistic but positive outlook that really gave me the confidence in her coaching abilities.  Each plan consists of a few key parts – the actual plan itself, some suggestions for supplements to take, water intake recommendations, and anticipated reactions to the plan.  As I started getting closer to my show and my diet became more strict, she would tell me specifically that there would be high points and low points, but to stick to the plan and enjoy seeing the changes in my body and challenging myself at the gym.  This is also where the balance component would come into play.  While competition prep is tough, I never felt like I was going toward extremes.  I had heard so many horror stories of girls who were put on 800 calorie diets with a million fat burner supplements and two hours of cardio a day.  Now I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t exactly tickle my fancy.  If you’re looking for a coach who will NOT send you into metabolic damage and NOT make the entire process a miserable and demeaning experience, I would definitely recommend Sam a million times over.  She makes it very clear that she is not willing to mess up your hormones or metabolism for a show and that is a quality I truly value in an amazing coach.  Her meal plans are nourishing, energizing and completely eliminated my cravings even going into the final weeks of prep (which are usually the weeks where most competitors have the most cravings).  After competing, I am continuing to work with Sam to achieve my goals and reverse diet.  With her coaching, I have achieved more progress in the past 6 months than I have ever been able to do on my own.  My body has completely changed thanks to her plans and I feel confident that she will continue to inspire me and help me achieve my future fitness goals.  Sam’s coaching didn’t just change my body, she completely changed my confidence levels and taught me the importance of food balance.  Whether you are a bikini competitor or someone who just wants to change their body and feel amazing while challenging yourself, Sam is the perfect coach to help you get where you want to be.  All great things take time and with Sam’s ongoing help I know that each goal I have is within reach.  P.S. Thanks Sam for giving me a nice butt, much appreciated."
- Mary Kate B, INBF bikini competitor


"Hahaha the motivational videos you send your clients are always so on point! Thanks for the encouragement!  I’m feeling really great and noticing some great results after just three weeks and really pushing myself to complete the workouts with the best intensity I can. I would be lying if I said I don’t sit at work dreaming of putting peanut butter on absolutely anything I can imagine.  However, I’m craving results more so I find it easier to push through them. I’m down 10 pounds and already got a “holy sh!t, have you lost weight?” so that feels pretty great. This might come off sappy but I’m really thankful that I came across your program as it’s honestly helped me mentally as well. I recently got out of a 7-year relationship and was feeling lost.  This program has helped me so much in feeling stronger and happier, as lonely as this journey can feel when not many people can relate to the vegan lifestyle, I wish they knew how awesome it was!  Thanks for everything."
- Kelly A. (three weeks into her Jacked on the Beanstalk training & nutrition plan)


desiree d vegan figure competitor jacked on the beanstalk vegan coaching

"Another great week has gone by! Felt good all week, never had any cravings. Weighed in this morning and am 2.6 lbs. lighter. I'm not a huge stickler for how much weight I lose as I know that muscle weighs more than fat but good to know that I'm losing fat at a fast rate! Definitely noticing big changes in my stomach area; even friends that I've told about my goals to have noticed a big change too... Hip hip hooray! Just finished eating my awesome cheat meal and yummy gingerbread cookies for dessert! Having that one cheat meal every week makes a big difference in keeping me motivated as I'm very much a sweets person.  Sam and Sarah Shorkey have been so awesome to work with and the support has been awesome! Thank you both for all that you do!"
- Desiree D., 2016 $250,000 12-Week Transformation Challenger


"Today marks my 3 month mark of starting my health/fitness plan from Sam Shorkey and Team Jacked on the Beanstalk.  It wasn’t always easy, but I stuck with it, and now I’ve gotten to a place where I have the knowledge and confidence to crush it at the gym. My everyday routine has changed for the better.  Before, making healthy choices was a chore, but now I’m stoked for it. This is just the start of something awesome. I still have goals I want to hit. All in good time!  Weight loss was never my main goal with this.  I just wanted to be in the best shape of my life. However, I did end up losing 15 lbs.  More importantly, I gained strength and energy I didn’t know I had and pulled myself out of the slump I felt I was in earlier in the year.
Surprisingly, I do actually give a fit now! Love all y’all!"
-Jenny R.


"I was a meat-eating bikini competitor/fitness model who hired Samantha Shorkey to create a vegan meal plan for me. I'm following the plan, and love it!  Over the weekend, my husband said that my hair and skin look healthier, that my bad breath is gone, and I have an overall fresh/citrusy scent to me lol.  I have been dealing with bad breath since I was a young girl. Doctors always said it was a stomach issue.  Heck, I'm glad it's gone!  My husband also said that I'm starting to get my spark back.  I lost this years ago, felt blah for so long.  Overall I feel good. I'm eating healthy. I'm eating more macros, I have not binged, cheated, snacked on a bag of almonds for the fun of it, and my sugar cravings have subsided.  I'm even starting to move towards lifting my previous weight at the gym again.  I don't notice a change in what I call my "belly bloat," but my husband has said that it doesn't look as extended.  I am really enjoying this change, and having Sam and her sister Sarah check in and guide me.  They continually remind me to get my health back and develop a healthy relationship with food again. This is very important to me, especially where I've gotten way off track with cutting macros, snacking, and bingeing.  Looking good, or trying to look good sometimes takes over when this has been a focus for years and years.  Never mind competing, but with being involved in the music industry, there has always been pressure, or pressure I put on myself, to look a certain way. Working with Sam, I see myself finding a balance."
- Patricia K.


"I was training for my second bikini competition and having so many issues from eating a meat-based competition prep diet. I had previously purchased Samantha Shorkey's e-book: Jacked on the Beanstalk. I was intrigued that one could build muscle and compete on a plant-based diet. I decided that I wanted to do the last four weeks of my prep being plant-based. I contacted Samantha and she made a meal and workout plan for me. She was fun and encouraging. She knows her stuff! I felt great and much more energetic during my last four weeks with her. I hit the stage feeling confident and placed third in my 35+ class. Samantha had a lot of words of wisdom to share with me as well. I have never looked back and I continue to eat vegan/ plant-based. I am looking forward to continuing working with her and building some plant-based muscles."
- Angie H., NPC competitor


"Wow, am I grateful to have found Samantha! She's smart, she's an inspiration, and she really created plans that suited my own personal needs.  The workouts are challenging, but exactly what I wanted - the variety make them go by quickly. The (vegan) nutrition plan fit perfectly with my own personal tastes. And the email support and accountability has proven invaluable.  Sam is exactly what I want in a trainer/nutritionist and I already feel successful, just by working with her.  She's supportive, but realistic, understanding, but strict -- the perfect combination of everything you need to get back on track and stay there! I know I'll continue to reach each mini goal we set as the journey progresses. Thank you so much!"
- Shari G.


"Thank you again so much for everything!  According to my body fat scan, I lost 4.5% body fat in these 12 weeks working with you. I also lost 5 lbs. and definitely lost inches but forgot to record.  Completely lost my boobs LOL. Feeling leaner for sure!  Thank you so much for your guidance.  I couldn't of stayed consistent if it wasn't for you lovely ladies!  So much gratitude!  I truly admire everything you represent!  My goal is to keep using the workouts you designed for me and continue to work on my lower half.  I will absolutely be keeping in touch.  Thank you xo."
- Robin R.


"I want to thank you for always being there offering advice and listening to all of my "issues." I know you have a ton of other clients and things you are working on in your own life so I want you to know how much I appreciate you being so attentive with me.  It reinforces my decision to go on this journey with you and no one else. I really do think that you are an amazing woman with all that you do for your clients, empowering women, standing up for what you believe in and making a difference in the world! You f*cking ROCK!"
- Crissy T., NPC bikini competitor


"Coaching with Sam is great! The workouts are challenging but I put 110% effort in and I sweat my face off but i always feel really good after like I accomplished a lot. I'm really sore but the foam rolling stretches help so much. I just keep pushing through it and attacking it, giving it my all. The feeling I get after I'm done is so nice that I feel ready to face the day. The meals are good. The first few days, I was hungry after dinner but I did not give into it. I just drank tea as Sam suggested to drown out the hunger and might I add that I've been losing a pound or two every week! Today I weighed myself and I'm 109 lbs. on the dot! I am feeling great, even though I'm sore, I'm okay with it because I know I'm giving it my all. Overall I'm really happy that I hired Sam as my coach because now I finally feel like I'm getting somewhere and I know my hard work will pay off and I can't wait for what the next phase is after I complete this one!"
- Courtney W.


"Hi Sam! I am so excited to start this plan. I've done the vegetarian thing for short spurts but this is taking it to another level and I'm so happy to leave my meat/eggs/fish eating days behind me. You are SO SWEET in the way you word your emails.  I looked at the vegan meal plan you made for me and well, first of all, I should say that everything is so well detailed and I'm very impressed! I've been given meal plans before and yours is the best and so professional. Having you with me as I train for my bikini competition is huge. I feel so much better. I'm going to do so well with you I can feel it!!!!! I'm so excited! So now switching to your meal plan starting tomorrow and I'm not going to miss my old meat eating plan I've been on. It looks like the right amount of food and I'm going to try Purely Inspired protein powder as you suggested. I also tried a recipe you have on your website for supper tonight. The Cajun fritters, so yum!"
- Chantal L.


"I worked with Samantha for over three months and it would have been longer if I didn't have some physical issues to deal with. I plan on going back and training with her as soon as I have these physical issues cleared up.  I can't begin even tell you how much I loved working with Samantha. The workouts were amazing and were something different and fun and really pushed me, which is what I wanted. I also loved the meal plans. I loved the food, but most of all, I like how she tailored it to fit my needs. The meals were good and more important to me, easy to prepare.  The most important thing to me was that she was always there for me to answer any questions I had. She was always available to encourage me along the way. I still stay in contact with her and enjoy touching base with her. To me, she was more than just my trainer, she was (and is) my friend. I really feel like she cares about me and wants what is best for me.  I can't wait to get back to training with her again. Thanks Samantha."
- Kathy S.


"Honestly- hiring you as a coach was the single best decision I've ever made. Moving from NJ to CT was difficult, especially leaving my gym & hot yoga studio (not to mention all my running trails).  My diet and workouts were all over the place, and while this is quite possibly the worst time of year (Christmas) to start a new program, it was good for me because it gave me some structure in all of this craziness.  I especially love your tips, as they make me feel like it's okay to be human. I feel like if I hadn't started on this plan, it would've been 'I will start after the New Year,' and went totally off track, where as now I'm at least I'm putting in a decent effort!   I truly love this plan.  I truly love working with you ladies and I cannot thank you enough."
- Jill R.


team jacked on the beanstalk vegan coaching

"My workouts and diet have been going very well! : )  This has been an amazing journey and very helpful after my break-up and as a girl with a busy life. I haven't felt myself so much better and healthier for a while. When me and my boyfriend were about to break up, I thought that my future will be quite sad and I will just give up everything. But actually, it didn't go like that. I like that your plans are quite different than my earlier plans and that I can do something new.  The workouts are so creative even if I felt myself little bit weird at first when I tried them : D  With the diet plan, it's also been going quite well, with little problems. The sweet treats are great, and I feel that they really help me with my metabolism.  I have done quite big progress already (for example, I've never had visible abs before in my life) so I'm happy with it! I have also rewarded myself with the greatest things ever, a couple of new gym clothes.  This feels great! Thank you for coaching, I'm so proud of myself!  The greatest thing is, that I haven't felt myself bad or this whole project very difficult. I have lived my normal life with studies and my hobbies, and I could do all this. Actually I feel that this has affected many other things in my life. I spend more important time with my friends (which is also great after my break-up), do things with them and have even gone out partying with them couple of times (of course I haven't drunk much alcohol or anything like that going over my macros and had my rest day after this haha) and still could smash my workouts and diet. I haven't felt that my life is somehow rejected (except sometimes but these feelings are possible to handle because I know the results).  How cool is that!?"
- Oili P.


"I would absolutely love to provide a testimonial on Samantha Shorkey's online vegan training and nutrition coaching!  I will be glad if someone could profit from my experience and be inspired. Since working with Sam for only three weeks, I am already down 5.5 pounds. Hey hey! And overall it is going swell. First of all, I love the way I’m able to follow my food intake. I listed everything as a separate entity and when I make a meal, I scratch out what I have taken in it. So easy to follow, awesome to keep me on track.  I have also been doing all exercises as prescribed :-) and I would not believe it— but I actually finish them. Hard work, but feeling so good after.  I also love how often the Shorkey sisters check in with me and send hilarious, motivational videos. THANK YOU!"
- Lionela O.


"I'm so happy about the results I'm getting and the fact that I haven't felt deprived or completely tired and worn out. Lord knows life is hard enough."
- Vanessa B.


"Training with Samantha is going so well! Sam's training program is very challenging for me (still not able to do it all!)  I haven't actually weighed myself since starting, but I have had to buy new pants (even the stretchy ones were baggy!) And I've received a lot of compliments from family and friends, so I'm very pleased with the results so far. The thing is, the progress becomes addictive as I see small changes I never have before. I'm actually a smaller person than I ever realized under there. LOL. I am STOKED to continue training with Sam and building muscle and to become an ambassador for vegan fitness. I turn 42 this year and it will be the first year I celebrate a birthday feeling so positive about my appearance and fitness. It has been an EMOTIONAL journey these past few months.  There is so much mental 'stuff' to deal with when you finally make lifelong goals and dreams a priority. It helped to know throughout everything, that both Sam and her sister Sarah were accessible if/when needed and I'm thankful for their constant encouragement. It's now a new normal for me to plan food/workouts/schedules etc. I'm also getting stronger so the workouts become more enjoyable over time as I feel them where I 'should' and can see gains in the weights getting bumped up, etc.  Thank you Shorkey sisters for bearing with me."
- Tammy Q.


"Doing this and sticking to this has me feeling really good. Like really really good!! I actually I feel like I’ve achieved something every day and have a sense of accomplishment! I can’t say I’ve felt this way for a long time and I think I’m actually achieving work / life balance now. Each and every day it is constant positive reinforcement and makes me want to keep going and keep doing this. I think my husband (also a client) feels the same too :D It makes me want to do more in my day too, I have a work-related exam coming up in June that I need to pass, and now rather than leaving the study to the last minute and turning into a giant stress ball (pretty standard for me =D) I’m going to start making time for study in the mornings before work, along with the cardio (which I’ve been doing in the evenings after weights). All in all, this is a catalyst for some positive changes in my life, so thank you, Shorkey sisters so much!!"
- Shereen P.


"Just wanted to say that I don't know how you are able to connect and understand another person so well via email but whatever quality you have that allows you to read between the lines and hear that little voice in the back of my head, hold onto that forever, because it's amazing and super special. Thank you for always taking the time to respond so thoughtfully and professionally but also with such honesty."
- Meghan M.


"Well I'm really motivated and realized that when I started working out with you as my coach, so many opportunities have come out of it! For one, I'm getting fitter! Secondly, I started doing Zumba along with your workouts and I guess I'm decent enough because I've been asked to get certified so that I can teach it! Thirdly, and this is the most exciting news, my friend and I started a vegan company making healthy (and not so healthy) vegan food and desserts! A coffee house here started selling them and the gym I workout at may start selling our granola bars! So this is really, really exciting for me! I really think that along with my friend/business partner, my therapist, and starting to workout with you made so many doors open for me. Truthfully, last year was a pretty horrible year. I was actually extremely depressed and suicidal up until I got in touch with you. The symptoms are still there but I'm nowhere near where I was before. So I'd like to think that you and your sister have helped.  So from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! I know, this is a lot to share but I just felt that I had to let people know the impact that you can have on people!"
- Miranda W.


"Something awesome is happening to my ass. It's growing in all the right ways. It's always sore so I know I am activating it properly. And now it's just perky always wanting to be rubbed and pinched ;)."
- Katie N.


"I’m doing really well following Sam's vegan meal plan and training program. I'm still feeling good and really adjusting to the different foods and enjoying how they are making me feel! I got a lot of my questions answered during my Skype session with Sam and I’m glad we did it! I almost didn’t book it lol. Her tahini salad dressing is amazing!! Total game changer lol. I told Sam I was really missing cheese and that dressing she gave me definitely made a difference. I love it! I'm excited to see how the next few weeks go."
- Lauren G.


"Hey Sam! Thank you for all of your answers, it helped out a lot! Everything is noodles. My arms... my legs. OH MY LEGS. It's fantastic! I feel like I have to move around like Octodad right about now (like so). I have a strange love for being sore. I guess it's because I know I've been doing something right! I'm loving your plan, really. I've never had my muscles truly give out before my heart and lungs do. No more sharp, dragging breaths, or tightness in my chest. I'm really not sure if it's due to your planning or becoming healthier in general (probably a combination) but it's been really incredible for me! I wasn't expecting it... reading the plan was like "pssh, I can do this no problem!" DOING it is not to be underestimated... the fourth set especially. I know you do this professionally and all, but I've still been super excited about hitting so many muscle groups in patterns. I just feel like a lot of the exercises (especially the super sets) fit together really well. So to sum it up, I feel great. Wobbly and great. Haha."
- Jessica B.