Interview with Vegan Powerlifter Scott Shetler

Interview with Vegan Powerlifter Scott Shetler

I’m so pumped to be posting my very first “Jacked on the Beanstalk” athlete interview with not only a well-respected vegan trainer, but also a new friend and PlantBuilt “teammate.”

Scott Shetler aka resident team “shit disturber” is one of the power lifters on our PlantBuilt vegan muscle team. I wanted to feature him as my first interview because a) he has excellent taste in music b) used to play drums in a metal band c) is hilarious with his constant pranks and smart-assed comments but d) actually knows A LOT about vegan health & fitness.

Scott has been in the health & fitness industry for over 16 years and in that time, has competed in kettlebell sport and powerlifting and is a student of the internal martial art of Taijiquan. At his gym in Atlanta, Georgia, I love that he takes a holistic approach to coaching and even trains a bunch of celebrities including Stic-man from Dead Prez (rumour has it Shetler turned him vegan.) In fact, Stic-Man is even a contributor in Shetler’s latest project: a book called “Plant Based Performance.

In addition to educating people on the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, Scott hopes the book will help end the needless suffering of animals with all proceeds going towards Mercy For Animals.


Be sure to check him out at and definitely hit him up if you’re interested in powerlifting or improving your deadlift. He’s also just good fun via instagram at @sshetler613.

And now, let my short answer/random question interview begin!

scott shetler vegan trainer atlanta

How many years have you been vegan?
Four years vegetarian and vegan a little over one-and-a-half years.

Where do you live?
Atlanta, Georgia

Day job?
I have worked in the strength training and fitness industry for over 16 years. I own a private sport and fitness training center where I train everyone from high level professional athletes to motivated fitness enthusiasts. I do online consulting and coaching for a variety of clients around the world who cannot train with me in person, and have written numerous books on strength training and fitness all of which are available through my website. In addition I speak and teach at strength and conditioning and fitness related clinics, seminars, and industry related conventions.

Describe yourself as a vegan in no more than five words.
For the animals.

Describe yourself as an athlete in no more than five words.
Over the hill iron addict.

What does it take to excel and succeed in your sport?
Mental and physical strength, dedication, consistency, patience, and a high pain tolerance.

Favourite healthy and/or competition diet vegan food?
Green smoothies made with various leafy greens, fruits, water or nut milk, and nut butter.

Favourite unhealthy vegan food?
Vegan donuts at Revolution Donuts in Atlanta-thanks to my friend Amy Dumas for turning me onto them! After the Plantbuilt trip to Austin, TX Arlo’s burgers are running a VERY close second place though.

Chocolate cake or a plate of yam fries?
Chocolate cake.

Cardio lover or hater?

Who do you think is the sexiest vegan celebrity?
Jason Morris.

scott shetler and jason morris - vegan powerlifters
Photo by Donovan Jenkins of vGirls|vGuys

What vegan resource have you learned the most from?
Robert Cheeke’s website.

Do you “diet” and/or always count calories?
No. Calories are meant to be eaten not counted!

Number one vegan protein source?
Whole plant-based foods all have protein, but I love nuts and nut butters.

Favourite complex carb?
Sweet potatoes are awesome!

Favourite source of healthy fats?
Flax seeds.

Favourite obscure vegan specialty item?
My powerlifting belt from Strength Shop USA. It is very tough to find synthetic lifting belts and Strength Shop rocks!

What exercise makes you feel like a savage vegan beast?

scott shetler vegan powerlifter
Photo Credit: Stic Man 🙂

What exercise do you dread doing and hate with a passion?
Bench press.

Vegan supplement you can’t live without?
Plantfusion is freaking awesome!

Favourite body part on yourself?

How many times per day do you stare at yourself and flex in the mirror?
None. I have no mirrors in my training center, which I’m sure will be Shorkey’s #1 excuse for not coming to train at my facility!

Favourite animal charity/rescue?
Mercy For Animals. I recently published a book titled “Plant-Based Performance: A Compassionate Approach to Health & Fitness” and 100% of sales revenue goes directly to support MFA.

Tell us something weird and/or shocking about you that might change our opinions of you now that we’ve made it to the end of the interview 😉
I’m not saying I’m Spiderman. I’m just saying nobody has ever seen me and Spiderman in the same room together.


And lastly, how can we follow/reach you?
My email is and my personal website is At the top of the home page are links to my training center, my online coaching business, and my project to benefit Mercy For Animals, so check them all out! Social media is and Thanks for the chat!

– Jacked on the Beanstalk

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