Interview with BAD ASS VEGAN John Lewis

Interview with BAD ASS VEGAN John Lewis

I remember when I first joined instagram and spent countless hours “hashtag searching,” I’d always make note of the #hashtags other vegan bodybuilders used. #truestory.

As any social media fitness nerd would, I too, wanted to jump on board the vegan hashtag train.

So in addition to my usual #JackedontheBeanstalk and #veganbikinicompetitor go-tos, I’d sometimes copy other commonly used ones i.e. #vegan #vegansofig #fascinatingSam #whyamIsharingthis?

One I’d regularly encounter was #badassvegan.  Well, having of course, always considered myself a “bad ass vegan” of sorts, #sorrynotsorry I’d sometimes throw in a “#badassvegan” not actually realizing that it was linked to a popular brand of vegan food and apparel, created by John Lewis of Miami, Florida.

Yes, when THE “Bad Ass Vegan” himself took notice of my careless hashtagging, I remember feeling both stupid AND pretty damned cool when he liked a bunch of my pics and followed me #nobigdeal 

Fast forward two years to the Naturally Fit Games in Austin, Texas and I got to meet him in the “real world” too.  What a nice guy not to mention hilarious.  And being the successful owner/operator of the Bad Ass Vegan Power Cookie (found in stores across the States and available to the rest of us via his website) and HUGE celeb in the vegan fitness world (no joke, he’s like, 8′ tall) I of course, had to make him my second “Jacked Pals” interview.

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So without further ado…

My Interview with The BAD ASS VEGAN: John Lewis

How many years have you been vegan?
“Went vegetarian in 2004 and totally vegan in 2008 so about six years now; 10 years meat-free.”

Where do you live?
“Miami, Florida but originally from St. Louis, Montana by way of Little Rock, Arkansas.”

Day job?
“Being a bad ass :)”

Describe yourself as a vegan in no more than five words.
“Bad Ass with a heart.”

Describe yourself as an athlete in no more than five words.
“I will not lose.”

What does it take to excel and succeed in your sport?
“Mental strength.”

Favourite healthy and/or competition diet vegan food?
“Good old quinoa with beans, lettuce, onions and tomatoes.”

Favourite unhealthy vegan food?
“Coconut cake.”

Chocolate cake or a plate of yam fries?
“Yam fries all day.”

Cardio lover or hater?
“Love it!”

Who do you think is the sexiest vegan celebrity?
“Sad but I never really thought about it!”

What vegan resource have you learned the most from?
The China Study.”

Do you “diet” and/or always count calories?
“No, I just eat!”

Number one vegan protein source?
“Spirulina.”  (blue-green algae.)

Favourite complex carb?
“Sweet potato.”

Favourite source of healthy fats?

Favourite obscure vegan specialty item?
“Yucca!”  (Yucca is a root vegetable from the agave plant family that tastes similar to sweet potatoes.  Go figure, the yam freak would choose this as his “obscure” specialty item.)

What exercise makes you feel like a savage vegan beast?

What exercise do you dread doing and hate with a passion?
“Sprints! LOL.”

Vegan supplement you can’t live without?
“Bad Ass Power Shake ( sorry but true).”

Favourite body part on yourself?
“My middle finger LOL.”

How many times per day do you stare at yourself and flex in the mirror?
“Too many to count LOL.”

Favourite animal charity/rescue?
“PCRM.”  (The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine puts prevention over pills.  Doctors here are empowering their patients to take control of their own health.  Since 1985, the Physicians Committee has also been working tirelessly for alternatives to the use of animals in medical education and research and advocating for more effective scientific methods.)

Tell us something weird and/or shocking about you that might change our opinions of you now that we’ve made it to the end of the interview 

“My favourite music is rock, my favourite old band is Nirvana and favourite current bands
are 30 Seconds to Mars and Breaking Benjamin.  It’s funny because I know that when I am rocking out with my headphones in at the gym, that the ladies are probably listening to the same stuff LOL.”

And lastly, how can we reach/follow you?

Twitter & Instagram: @badassvegan

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