The Ultimate ASS-tastic Workout!

The Ultimate ASS-tastic Workout!

 samantha shorkey vegan coach vegan bikini pro of Jacked on the Beanstalk plyometrics bodyweight booty routine

Of course we ALL want and strive to create a nice, tight ass but hate to say that a perfectly-sculpted arse takes work!! I can, however, truthfully state that a great way to develop a fabulous vegan rump roast (I’m talkin’ Field Roast quality) AND increase athletic performance without the use of any gym equipment is through PLYOMETRIC TRAINING!


Plyometrics are an “explosive-reactive” type of power training and I pretty much have a love/hate relationship with them. Best described as “jump training,” plyo exercises will cause your muscles to contract eccentrically (meaning they get longer under tension) and usually achieved through jumping. When you land, your muscles are contracting eccentrically, acting like brakes on a car. Immediately after, plyo exercises will trigger a concentric contraction (your muscles then shorten up) as you push off to jump again. The time it takes to switch these muscle contractions is literally tenths of a second.

If done correctly, over time you’ll notice an increase in the power or strength of these contractions and a decrease in the time between them. Oh and did I mention you’ll be able to crush walnuts with your ass cheeks after a few weeks of this little circuit?

samantha shorkey vegan coach plyometric booty workout jacked on the beanstalk online vegan coaching

Do this routine as fast as you can, twice per week!

4 rounds:

1) 25 Narrow stance squat jumps (feet together, jump up then land in squat position)

2) 25 One-leg stationary lunges (25 per leg, keep back leg straight)

3) 25 Wide leg stance squat jumps (feet slightly further than shoulder-width apart, jump up then land in squat position)

4) 1 minute Running high knees (running in place)

 - Sam Shorkey, Jacked on the Beanstalk

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