Podcast #20: Eating to Build Muscle and Lose Fat

Podcast #20: Eating to Build Muscle and Lose Fat

I’ve come to realize that the more podcast episodes we record, the more I notice just how frigging difficult it is to stay on ONE topic (especially when we’re covering such broad topics as gaining muscle and losing fat.)

Despite being fully aware that I always go off-topic (and trying to be mindful of it,) I still always seem to veer off-course as soon as we hit that “record” button.

I’ve also become obsessively aware of how much I make this weird, clicking noise with my lips or tongue (still not sure which) whenever we’re recording…

Our producer Erin especially enjoys it!

But enough about my irritating quirks! And onto this week’s podcast all about building muscle and losing body fat! Yeaahhhhhhh bruhhhhh!!!!! 🙂

I often get asked by my vegan brethren how difficult it is to gain muscle and/or lose fat and how exactly should one eat in order to accomplish these goals. Almost everyone I work with wouldn’t mind losing some fat AND gaining some muscle at the same time. But can this even be done simultaneously?

I personally believe it IS possible. But my disclaimer is that the scale might not be your friend during this time so it’s important to NOT obsess over your weight whilst you’re trying to build muscle and lose body fat.

Yes, this week on the podcast, I go into great detail as to why and how I wish we could all smash our bathroom scales and even read an excerpt from one of my most popular blog posts from my competing years aka “The Best Thing You Can Do for a Healthy Mind and Fit Body.” And I suggest you click that link if you want to see the difference in my body composition after I consistently added 8 lbs. onto my frame during my years as a vegan bikini competitor.

And PS – I still won first place whether I weighed 120 lbs. or 130 lbs. Pictured below is me at 130 lbs.

With a really dirty, muddy, freaky-looking spray tan…

Apparently I get off-topic via my blog posts too eh?

Anywho, this week on the podcast, we’re trying to cover this huge topic in 30 minutes and delve into ideal calorie ranges based on your body composition goals. PLUS how to determine what your “maintenance” calories are and when to consume a caloric surplus vs. a deficit.

Yes, we’re even doing some math on this episode! Literally the only class I practically failed every year in high school…

math sucks

Now get your pencils out, boys and girls and give it a listen!

Click the "play button" below to listen. Or HERE to listen on Apple or HERE for Spotify.

-Sam Shorkey, Jacked on the Beanstalk

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  • Sam: January 03, 2018

    Hi Lucky! Aww thanks for the support and for reaching out. I’d say 130 is a very healthy weight for 5’2. I honestly would keep your calories around 1300 and just focus on training hard. That way you’ll be able to add a little more definition and you will naturally look leaner. But I honestly wouldn’t strive to be too much leaner (then again I have no idea what you look like or how you carry your weight.) But I’d probably opt for 1300 calories and strive for 75 grams of protein per day if I were you and training like a beast :) Hope this helps!

  • Lucky: January 02, 2018

    Absolutely loooove the podcast. You ladies are super entertaining and informative. I am in the “wanting to trim some fat” camp. According to the info from this episode, my maintenance calories would be 1300 and I’d subtract 300 to lose? Is that correct? I’m 5’2, 130 lbs. Not sure if that sounds safe. And I should be consuming 104g of protein? This sounds really hard on a cutting plan. Thanks for any tips! Anyway, can’t wait to learn some more great tips from y’all.

  • Molly: December 11, 2017

    This was really informative. Thank you so much for sharing, Sam!

  • Sam: January 18, 2018

    It’s how we show our love to each other. It’s a Shorkey thing. Plus I’m her boss. I’m allowed. ;)

  • Rob: January 16, 2018

    Nice you were talking so kindly about your sweet sister when you were heading to live in BC. Little does she know you’re going to absolutely trash her in podcast #23 ha-ha!

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