Podcast #30: Mastering Meal Prep with Vegan Chef & Nutritionist Amy Longard

Podcast #30: Mastering Meal Prep with Vegan Chef & Nutritionist Amy Longard

Ottawa vegan chef Amy Longard with Ottawa personal trainer Samantha Shorkey

Ya know guys, I’m honestly quite surprised and a little disappointed in myself that I’ve been doing this vegan fitness blog for a good five years now. And yet, I’ve NEVER once written a blog post all about my vegan meal prep!

I mean, sure, I give some meal preppin’ tips and suggestions in my eBook. And yes, it’s a popular topic I’ve discussed many-a-time via interviews for other blogs and websites. Yet for whatever reason, I’ve never really delved into the wonderful (and very important) world of meal prep when it comes to us meatless meatheads. 

Shame on me!

Well, thankfully this week we recorded an entire podcast episode all about VEGAN MEAL PREP!

And who better to discuss THE very best, tried-and-true, meal prep tips and hacks than our good pal (local Ottawa nutritionist and internationally-renowned vegan chef) Amy Longard?!

Amy Longard vegan nutritionist and vegan chef

Just look at that smiling, sweet face! Who wouldn’t want want her rummaging through their kitchen cupboards?!

Yes, vegan fit crew, this week’s podcast is an absolute must-listen for anyone who’s trying to eat healthy but lacking time, creativity and inspiration in the kitchen. We’ve even got you tired parents and deprived bodybuilders covered too.

Amy was also kind enough to share her “Creamy Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce” and “Buddha Bowl” recipes on the podcast so I highly recommend that you whip them up whilst you listen to our soothing, sexy voices discuss everything from tofu ice cream to modern-day casseroles.

PS – the “crispy, baked peanut tofu” recipe that Amy suggests for Sarah’s pain-in-the-ass kids is from Minimalist Baker and can be found here for anyone interested.

It’s definitely one of our most fun interviews yet with one of our favourite vegan foodies. So give it a listen and we guarantee you’ll be mastering your own meal prep in no time! 🙂


Click the "play button" below to listen. Or HERE to listen on Apple, HERE for Spotify or HERE for Stitcher.


-Sam Shorkey, Jacked on the Beanstalk

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  • Sam: February 15, 2018

    Haha yeah he could definitely use some nail clipping but it’s a two-person job for sure. I’ll rope Sarah into it next time she visits.

  • Lucy Peixoto: February 15, 2018

    Dwight!!?? Ripping your Window Curtains!!?? Impossible. It wasn’t him!!! It was the Window Curtain ripping elves who come out at night!! You must have done it in your sleep and simply don’t remember. Either that or just clip the tips of his nails with some nail clippers from Wal-Mart Dwight…..what a Cutie! He’s my Hero Luv, your fellow Vegan and Dwight ’s personal defense Lawyer, Lucy xo

  • Sam: February 12, 2018

    Aww thanks Lucy! I need to get back to my old-school blog posts again. The podcast has been occupying all of my creative time. I do have a good one planned though and it’s an interview with another vegan fitness model and I know you’ll dig it. So stay tuned. And thanks for the love and support in the meantime as always xo PS Dwight is on my shit list right now for ripping my window curtains!!!

  • Lucy Peixoto: February 11, 2018

    Does Dwight do any Vegan Cooking? I hear his vegan tuna fish sandwiches are a hit (that Veganese……ooooooohhhhh ) Give my Love to Dwight, Sammy, and keep up your fantastic blogs, they’re fun to read! . Hugs, Lucy xo

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