Podcast #33: How to Dress a Muscular Body (and still look Feminine)

Podcast #33: How to Dress a Muscular Body (and still look Feminine)

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Not a day goes by that I don’t feel blessed to be living my life wearing nothing but gym gear.

In fact, I just ordered two new pairs of Lululemons before I started writing this post.

I know damn well that I can rock spandex pants and a crop top like it’s nobody’s business.

But when it’s time to dress me up for a hot date or a night out with friends, I fast become panic and anxiety-stricken.

Remember the movie “Tommy Boy” staring the legendary Chris Farley? When he puts on David Spade’s suit jacket and dances around singing “fat guy in a little coat?”

That was literally ME just last week before attending my friend’s film premiere…

come at me bro squirrel

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE having visibly muscular arms and a gigantic, walnut-crushing ass that you can bounce quarters off of. But it’s always a little frustrating when I slip into my fave, old, “girly” clothes only to discover that my NFL quarterback-sized shoulders and my jacked, tree-trunk-esque quads no longer fit into them.

Sure, I’ve always had an “hour glass” shape – thanks Mom! And ever since my development of breasts and hips, I always believed that every “style” suited me.

But over the years, the more I weight train and add muscle, the more I’ve discovered that certain cuts and styles just do not flatter my jacked frame. And since I’ve never really considered myself a “fashionable” chick, it’s started to cause me a lot of stress (and wasted money) over the years because I’ve never really known how to dress outside of the gym.

So this week on the podcast, I’m really excited to have the amazingly talented Nataly Vu as our guest expert and delve into all things “fashion for fit people” with her!

nataly Vu ottawa stylist and fashion designer

From minimizing my broad shoulders to hiding Sarah’s supposed “muffin top,” Ms. Nataly is giving us ALL of her best fashion tips for how we can look both hot AND stylish whether we’re inside the gym or out on the town.

We’re also discussing how to look MORE jacked (or more lean if that’s your jam.)

PLUS I’m calling out THE worst offenders in the legging game for camel toe. Yes, I’m looking at you, Gym Shark!

Yep folks, it’s another strangely entertaining, completely random yet incredibly insightful Jacked on the Beanstalk podcast episode you definitely don’t wanna miss! 🙂


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-Sam Shorkey, Jacked on the Beanstalk

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  • gostika: December 05, 2019

    The muffin man song, camel toes, moose knuckles, sweaty ass crack marks….this episode was so funny, it cracked me up xD

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