Podcast #83: The Vabbing Experiment

Podcast #83: The Vabbing Experiment

 Well I gotta admit I'm a little shocked to learn that there is a definition for the term "vabbing" on Wikipedia.  I was sure Urban Dictionary would be the only web source defining this one!

I guess it's more common than I even realized.  What is vabbing you ask?

Well kids, according to Wikipedia, it refers to "the application of vaginal secretions as a perfume. It was popularized on TikTok in 2022 as a way of attracting men."

I gotta admit, however, that I do prefer Urban Dictionary's description:

When she is broke and can’t afford Gucci, she’s always got the “Coochie Couture.”  Free, all-natural, pheromone perfume made from her vagina that she rubs into the sensitive spots to attract a mate for the night.

 Either way, it's an ewwwwww, right?!?!

But not so gross that I wasn't willing to test it for myself.  I might not be on TikTok, but you best believe I'm up for putting a TikTock trend to the test.

And what better place to conduct a vabbing experiment than in my "home away from home" otherwise known as the gym.  I figured my vagina juice mixed with my sweat surrounded by testosterone-fueled dudes was the perfect environment to see if there was any validity to this disgusting theory whatsoever.

I won't spoil how it went here though.  You'll have to listen to the episode to find out.  But I will say that I'm glad it's over.  And it definitely won't be a trend I will be following.

But hey, if any of our listeners want to test it out, be sure to include how it went in the comments below.  I hear crickets already... :)

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