12-pack Virtual Personal Training Sessions

12-pack Virtual Personal Training Sessions

$660.00 USD

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If there's anything I've learned throughout the years working as an online vegan fitness trainer, it's the importance of having proper form and exercise technique.

Yet sadly, so many people purchase a bodybuilding program from an online coach but don't really know how to execute the exercises with proper body mechanics.

So what happens? They activate the wrong muscles AND oftentimes, end up getting injured.

I also recognize that lack of motivation to workout and confidence in the gym is a real struggle for many of my online vegan clients.

So to properly teach them how to build muscle on a vegan diet AND keep them motivated enough to keep putting in the work, I do offer regular, weekly virtual vegan personal training sessions where I perform the whole damn workout with you, all the while, getting you sweaty and kicking your ass in the most loving way possible.

Each session is 45 minutes long, done over Zoom in the comfort of our living rooms.  And all you need is a few sets of light dumbbells, a couple resistance bands and your own body weight of course.

This option is especially beneficial for anyone looking to boost aerobic AND anaerobic fitness levels, increase lean muscle mass, decrease body fat and get the ol' heart rate up.  All the while, getting that customized one-on-one personal trainer experience.

Who wouldn't want to see me every single week?!