High Protein, Macro-Friendly Quinoa Bread

High Protein, Macro-Friendly Quinoa Bread

Ohhhhh my vegan bodybuilding brethren!!  Have I ever got a recipe for you!

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I pretty much make this recipe every time I'm trying to lean down a bit for a vacation or upcoming photoshoot.  And what I love about it is that it's so damn high in protein AND low in calories.  Yet it actually tastes pretty damn good.  Especially when toasted and smeared with a bit of low-sugar jam and almond butter (as pictured above.)

I got the idea for this high protein bread from my vegan homies over at Plant Trainers (check my podcast interview with Shoshana of Plant Trainers HERE.)

But the more I baked it, the more I experimented with the recipe to create the perfect Jacked on the Beanstalk version that was even higher in protein and with a slightly thicker, chewier texture.

And well, now that I've finally mastered the winning recipe, naturally I had to share it with all you meatless meatheads out there, who are on a strict diet plan but in need of some variety.  So here 'tis, guys!  And check how easy it is to make!

High Protein & Low Fat Quinoa Bread


1 cup quinoa (soaked overnight or at least 3+ hours)
1.5 cups water
1/4 cup vital wheat gluten flour
1/4 cup chickpea flour
1/2 tsp. sea salt


Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.

Soak the quinoa in the 1.5 cups of water for at least 3 hours (I do it overnight usually.) 

Place soaked quinoa in the Vitamix (or other high-powered blender) and push the sides down a few times to ensure all of the quinoa gets mixed in.

Add remaining ingredients to blender and mix some more.

Spread batter onto parchment paper-lined baking sheet.  Feel free to experiment with the thinness or thickness depending how crispy you want it to be.  But don't go too thin or it will burn.

Bake for 15 mins. Then take it out of the oven.  Gently peel it off the parchment paper, flip the bread over and bake the other side for another five minutes.

high protein low fat quinoa bread

Once slightly cooled, cut into pieces.  I usually make it into 6 - 8 pieces and eat 2 slices per serving depending on how big they are.

Again, my preference is to toast the slices and make it PB & J style. But do keep it in the fridge in a container or a Ziplock bag.

Macros for the whole thing (plain) are:

840 calories. 45g of protein. 100g carbs. 10g fat.

So per serving, you're only looking at around 280 calories with 15g of protein, 33g of carbs and 3g of fat.

I love having this quinoa toast with jam & PB and a protein shake for a pre-workout meal or late night snack.

Let me know what you think!

- Sam Shorkey


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  • HarryLeonard: August 10, 2023

    Love this recipe San! I’m trying to eat more protein as I’m experiencing muscle weight loss (old age) will give it a try!!

  • Foxi: May 24, 2023

    This quinoa bread recipe is a game-changer for health-conscious individuals seeking a nutritious and delicious alternative to traditional bread. Packed with protein and macro-friendly ingredients, this bread not only satisfies cravings but also fuels the body with essential nutrients. Quinoa, known for its high protein content, adds a wholesome twist to this bread, making it a perfect choice for those following a vegetarian or gluten-free diet. With its versatility and nutritional benefits, this quinoa bread is a must-try for anyone looking to elevate their bread game and maintain a balanced lifestyle. Enjoy guilt-free and reap the benefits of a protein-packed, macro-friendly treat! Foxi is with you with its latest updated version. foxi apk

  • Suzanne: October 06, 2022

    I knew your site was calling me for a reason!! Going to try this one on the weekend!!

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