Podcast #44: Raising Vegan Kids and Transitioning Families to Veganism! Interview with Shoshana Chaim

Podcast #44: Raising Vegan Kids and Transitioning Families to Veganism! Interview with Shoshana Chaim

Last summer, I participated in the "Nation Rising" peaceful protest that took place right here in my very own backyard-- the capital of Canada--Ottawa, Ontario.

It was a fantastic day that concluded at Parliament Hill with powerful speeches from world-renowned vegan activists (and hot, compassionate babes) such as James Aspey.  Our hope was to put pressure on the Canadian government to stop the multi-billion dollar subsidies that go towards animal agriculture.

I unfortunately did not get a "fan girl" pic with James.  I did, however, get one with one of my fave vegan podcasters Shoshana Chaim of the Plant Trainers Podcast.

shoshana chaim and samantha shorkey vegan personal trainers and vegan podcast hosts at nation rising vegan event

I also got to hang with Shoshana's eight-year-old vegan daughter Jordan who was insanely well-behaved and excited to be marching for miles on a brutally-hot and humid day.

I loved picking Shoshana's brain on all things podcasting but was most intrigued to learn her vegan origin story and how her husband Adam was able to reverse heart disease and shrink a kidney tumor simply by going vegan!  Crazy right?!  Definitely click here if you wanna read more about his impressive health transformation.

As you can imagine, I knew I needed to get these inspiring, plant-powered peeps onto the podcast.  And I definitely plan to interview Adam soon.  But first, I really wanted to talk to Shoshana because we get sooooo many JOTB clients and subscribers forever asking me what to cook their families and how to transition their families to a completely plant-based diet.

Well, seeing as I am without child and Sarah hates/sucks at cooking, we thought "who better to tackle the world of vegan families than vegan mom extraordinaire Shoshana Chaim?!"

Even her bouquet of kale looks so much more bountiful, fresh and nutritious than mine!

shoshana chaim and samantha shorkey vegan personal trainers vegan coaches vegan podcasters jacked on the beanstalk plant trainers vegan podcast

And if anyone is wondering what this magical, gluten-free pizza dough and bagel brand our interview guests always seem to mention is, apparently O'Doughs is where it's at!  I did try their English muffins recently and they're aiiight!

Alright enough rambling.  Let's get onto the interview already, shall we?!


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Enjoy and happy parenting!

- Sam Shorkey, Jacked on the Beanstalk

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