Podcast #15: Music Therapy and the Healing Power of a Good Song

Podcast #15: Music Therapy and the Healing Power of a Good Song

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Ain’t that meme the truth, eh? And on that note, I hope all you Jacked on the Beanstalk Podcast subscribers have been listening to (and enjoying) all of our terribly performed songs at FULL volume! 🙂

I’m sure we can all agree that music has the power to pump us up, bring us down, help us concentrate and yes, even make us horny.

I’m lookin’ at you, Ginuwine! 😉

It’s even a fact that listening to music at work can make you a happier, more productive employee, especially if it’s music that YOU’VE chosen.

But have you ever wondered why we always want to listen to sad music when we’re depressed? Or why squatting and deadlifting whilst we blast death metal through our headphones makes us feel stronger and more bad-ass? (At least for me it sure does!)

Well kids, this week on the podcast, we’re delving right into it and talking to Emily Tohana, a raw vegan Canadian babe who is also the founder and facilitator of Music Care Ottawa. Seriously, how cool is this?! Emily helps elderly patients or those suffering with dementia and memory impairments come back to life via music memory association!

It’s safe to say that music has played a significant role in all of our lives at one point or another (good or bad.) And as Emily explains on this week’s podcast, music not only has the power to trigger memories and emotional expression but it can also change our mood, reduce stress, provide comfort and decrease some of those not-so-fun feelings of fear and loneliness.

music therapy some of my best friends are playlists

Personally, I really dig Spotify’s “Creativity Boost playlist when I’m writing blog posts and the “Intense Studying” playlist when I’m doing something that involves a lot of concentration. And for the record, it’s literally the ONLY time I listen to classical music!

What’s your fave “working” playlist? Perhaps we should look into making a playlist of all the butchered Jacked on the Beanstalk Podcast renditions. Who wouldn’t want to listen to that?!

Whatever the case, be sure to check out this interview with Emily and learn about the healing power of a good song. And enjoy our first-ever guitar accompaniment to our shitty performance c/o the very talented Ms. Emily.

music therapy podcast with Sam Shorkey and Sarah Shorkey and Emily Tohana

Click the "play button" below to listen. Or HERE to listen on Apple, HERE for Spotify or HERE for Stitcher.


-Sam Shorkey

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