Podcast #17: How to Stop "Farting Around" and Get Shit Done

Podcast #17: How to Stop "Farting Around" and Get Shit Done

I fully admit that I am the “Queen of Procrastination” when it comes to many things in mine life… In fact, I’ve put off writing this post (to accompany last week’s podcast episode) for a solid week already! But in my defense, I was speaking at Veg Fest Calgary this past weekend and am literally writing this from Jamaica right now. So clearly I’m not THAT much a slacker if I’m nerding out on my laptop instead of drinking rum punch poolside. RIGHT?!

Whatever the case, I know I’m not the only “pro” procrastinator out there either. We ALL do it from time to time because let’s face it, we ALL get stuck with shitty tasks and responsibilities that we just don’t like or want to do.

But some of us (myself included) are serial procrastinators. We’re full of excuses as to why we don’t have the time or resources to work on the crappy stuff. But operating like this can definitely prevent us from accomplishing our goals and living out our dreams.

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Unfortunately, most of us value immediate rewards more than we value future rewards. We want instant gratification which is why diet pills are a billion dollar industry and why so many peeps throw in the towel on their gym routines so damn fast.

The good news is that once we can find a way to force ourselves to actually START the task at hand, the rest is usually easy. And I’m sure we can all agree that if we can make it to the gym, we’re obviously going to work out. And I know that if I can muster up the motivation to start writing a blog post, I’m going to get a solid writing session in.

But how can we force ourselves to stop procrastinating and actually get started on those dreaded tasks?

And what tools and tricks can we implement to avoid “farting around” and get shit done?

Well you’re in luck because we’re covering all things procrastination on the podcast this week!


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-Sam Shorkey, Jacked on the Beanstalk

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  • Sam: October 20, 2017

    Haha I never understand why grocery shopping is a dreaded task for some people. That’s one of my fave things to do in the whole wide world after the gym… which is also a dreaded task for many people. Hmmmm is there something wrong with ME or them? ;)

  • Molly: October 19, 2017

    Is it ironic that I’m listening to this podcast about procrastination instead of going to the grocery store? LOL!

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