Podcast #18: Channeling Your Inner Vegan Goddess and the Benefits of Dry Brushing

Podcast #18: Channeling Your Inner Vegan Goddess and the Benefits of Dry Brushing

Photo by Spiro Polichronopoulos

benefits of dry brushing podcast

You’re probably wondering how the two above images could possibly be related to one another. And perhaps why I lumped “channeling your inner goddess” in with the “benefits of dry brushing” on this week’s podcast episode.

Good question! And truthfully, I have no frigging idea how or why this episode turned into a lengthy promotion for the health benefits of dry brushing your skin…

Nor can I explain how or why we repeatedly reference and play a soundbite from the “baby makin'” throwback hit Pony by Ginuwine….

How many of you are now reading the rest of this post whilst listening to Pony?

It’s a pretty random podcast episode I suppose. My goal, however, was to share what I personally do on the daily to feel sexxxy.

Sadly, 90% of women look in the mirror and don’t AT ALL like or appreciate what they see.

And sure, we ALL have things we’d like to change about ourselves. But I strongly believe that it’s important for ALL of us to find a way to connect with and appreciate our own unique, beautiful bodies for what they’re capable of. And apparently for me, that means dry brushing my naked body whilst grinding to 90’s slow jams….

I’m curious to know what YOU do to feel sexy every day? And seriously, I know I’m not the ONLY one who dry brushes!

In addition to “channeling our inner vegan god or goddess” we’re also covering how to balance (and differentiate between) our feminine and masculine energies aka the yin vs. the yang. Believe it or not, we ALL need to exude a little of both.


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  • Sam: October 20, 2017

    Haha yes. She can be quite the moody, little beeyatch sometimes. But we can’t all be perfect and forever happy-go-lucky like me 24/7 ;)

  • Vicki: October 19, 2017

    I don’t know if it was the Aunt Flo hormones, but I feel like we saw a different side of Sara.

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