Podcast #43: Choosing Self-Discovery over Self-Improvement and the Importance of Living with Intention

Podcast #43: Choosing Self-Discovery over Self-Improvement and the Importance of Living with Intention

This certainly isn't the first time I've talked about getting the mental script inside your mind working FOR YOU and not AGAINST YOU!!!!!

And it probably won't be the last.

But seeing as I write vegan meal plans and training programs for a living, this is something I simply must preach to my clients all day, everyday-- before any kind of physical transformation can take place.

I see it happen all the time.  We become so obsessed with changing our so-called physical "flaws" thinking that this way of thinking is what will motivate us to lose weight or sculpt a dream body. 

But what we fail to realize is that thinking about all the physical things we hate or  need to "IMPROVE" on only causes us to OBSESS over them.  Then it fills our heads and entire LIVES with negativity and come on, guys!  How motivating can that possibly be?!

That's why setting an intention is soooooo important!  And precisely what we're delving into on this week's podcast.

You wanna lose 20 lbs? You want to win that bikini competition?  Then sure, envision yourself thinner or see yourself on stage taking first place. BUT what's most important is that you NEED to detach from seeing a specific number on the scale in order to feel accomplished.  And instead, focus on the process. Don't time travel to how thin you were in high school or how much confident you'll be at your brother's wedding when you're 125 lbs.  Just stay in the present moment and focus on the day-to-day processes.

Or better yet, focus on what you want to LEARN about health and fitness rather than what you want to change about your damn appearance!

And yup, that's exactly what we're discussing on this week's "feel good" podcast. 

We're putting more focus on self-DISCOVERY and less focus on self-IMPROVEMENT!

It also means setting a daily intention on how you're going to get there or better yet, knowing your intention behind every single thought and action.

I reference Oprah's "Super Soul Conversation" with Gary Zukav a lot where he blew my mind discussing the importance of living with intention.

So what is YOUR daily intention going to be?

I share a whole bunch of my own on this episode.  But the Cole's Notes version is that I look more inside and less outside and actually love and accept what I see. And doing whatever I can to make that inner love grow even more. **awwww** ;)

And I know I say this shit all the time but our thoughts really are dictated by our feelings. And our reality is created by our thoughts and feelings so try to make 'em good ones as difficult as it might be at first.

 living with intention

A good question to ask yourself when coming up with your own daily intention is:

What is the feeling that you want to generate from your intention? How do you want to feel today?

Some possible answers might be:

“I will remain calm and relaxed in spite of any people or situations that upset me.”

“I will honour my body with healthy and nurturing thoughts and foods.”

“I will love and accept myself and my body exactly as I am, flaws and all.”

And once you come up with some of your own intentions, write them down! Carry them with you!  Paste them beside every single mirror in your house or make them a daily reminder alert on your phone.

Just be sure to create an intention that is actually in alignment with who you are and who you want to be.  And in order to do that, maybe you have to ask yourself what thought or behaviour do you have to give up in order to fulfill that intention?

Maybe it’s ” I need to stop thinking that I’m a failure when it comes to dieting or exercise?” Or maybe you need to stop telling yourself that "you MUST lose 2 lbs. by the end of this week or no man will ever want to be with you."

My point is that whatever your intentions may be, just make sure they stem from love and not hate or fear.

Alright enough mindful hippie meathead ramblings for this week! 

Here's the latest JOTB podcast which I intend for you to love and share of course!


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Until next time, vegan fit crew!

- Sam Shorkey

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