Podcast #51: Social Media Addiction and Why Digital Minimalism is the New "Cool"

Podcast #51: Social Media Addiction and Why Digital Minimalism is the New "Cool"

On this week’s podcast, we’re finally covering a topic that's very near and dear to Sarah's heart: digital minimalism. A term coined by “Mr. Digital Minimalist” himself: Cal Newport. He's even written a book all about it called (take a wild guess...) “Digital Minimalism!"

On this episode, I taunt Sarah mercilessly about her lack of presence on social media and Neanderthal ways.

neanderthal sarah shorkey digital minimalism smart phone addiction vegan podcast Jacked on the Beanstalk

However, as it turns out, Sarah is NOT crazy and there is a clear and present danger to humans and our society when it comes to our reliance on smart phones and the need for constant distraction.

But don’t worry! While we may be throwing out some scary stats on this episode, we'll also be offering up some good tips on how to minimize your smart phone usage and come on back to real life.

vegan podcast Social Media Addiction and Why Digital Minimalism is the New Cool
We also recite some "words of wisdom" from Andrew Sullivan’s blog post: “I Used to Be a Human Being."  CLICK HERE if you wanna read the full (lengthy) version for yourself!

And if anyone already did listen to this episode and was intrigued by my mention of the Mexican sugar daddy who showered me with trips and material gifts but was basically in a relationship with his cell phone the entire time, here is the link to that juicy blog post!

Yes, social media and smart phone addiction is a timely topic that we've been wanting to address for a long time!  Is checking your likes the new smoking? We're covering it all on this episode!

And finally, the newest Patreon Prize Pack winner will be announced (hopefully they're an insomniac) because this prize was for the Sleep Episode and they'll be receiving a FREE bottle of Performance Lab’s Sleep Formula and Swanwick's famous blue light blocking glasses!


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- Sam Shorkey, Jacked on the Beanstalk

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  • Katya : May 25, 2019

    Boy the smartphone-podcast addicted me is gonna miss those rants when the baby’s taking all of y’alls time 😭

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