Podcast #52: Beat the Bloat! My Best Tips & Tricks for Reducing Water Retention

Podcast #52: Beat the Bloat! My Best Tips & Tricks for Reducing Water Retention

Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I'm OBSESSED with BLOATING. (Or bloat prevention I should say.) 

Hell, my most popular blog post to date is still "The Vegan Bodybuilder's Guide to Farting and Bloating."  And for good reason!  Not only did I put a lot of effort and research into that gem.  But let's be honest-- we veegs eat a lot of fiber.  And we vegan bodybuilders eat a lot of plant-based protein AND fiber.  And, well, that combo is a surefire recipe for FART CITY!

Apparently I'm obsessed with farting too because we already covered a podcast about this hot & steamy topic last year.

But shockingly enough, we have yet to dedicate an entire podcast episode to my other obsession aka BLOATING.

how to beat the bloat podcast natural ways to reduce water retention

I'm also mildly obsessed with this picture of a bloated squirrel...  Right?!  How cute is he??!?!

But anywho, since immersing myself in the fitness world many years ago, it's basically become my life's (self-absorbed) mission to avoid looking and feeling bloated at all costs!

And this week on the podcast, I'm sharing all of my best tips, tricks, vegan foods & herbal supplements to help you listeners lose the extra water weight and confidently rock a bikini (or speedo) on the beach this summer!


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