Podcast #53: The Female Body is Truly Incredible (and Incredibly Disgusting!)

Podcast #53: The Female Body is Truly Incredible (and Incredibly Disgusting!)

Well I'll be damned!  This is the very first podcast we've recorded since the birth of my beautiful baby boy Harry!  Sorry to all of our listeners and Patreon Patrons who've been eagerly awaiting a new episode.  Who knew providing life to a tiny, helpless human was so incredibly time consuming!?!

But what a beaut my lil' Handsome Harry is.  (Spoken like a true mom of course.)

Seriously though, look at this guy!  Do babies get any cuter than THIS?!?!?!

Harry Shorkey vegan baby Jacked on the Beanstalk Sam Shorkey cute baby

Fine.  I may be biased seeing as I DID create him.  But we all know how brutally honest I am.  And I really do feel like I could admit it if my son wasn't so absolutely adorable and utterly perfect.

In fact, this whole episode is jam-packed full of brutal honesty as we Shorkey sisters share our most personal, very different (and super embarrassing) pregnancy and child birthing experiences.

For example, I loathed being pregnant. And yet, Sarah loved every constipated minute of it.

And of course, I had a c-section whereas Sarah birthed both of her babies out of her "Holiest of Hole-ies."  She also wins for "grossest birthing story" award too.

And I'm pretty sure that ALL of us who've been pregnant can relate to something in this epic clip from "What to Expect When You're Expecting:"

Ah, the miracle of life!  Now give our miraculous podcast a listen if you want to hear our own tales of vegan pregnancy and childbirth. 

And yes, the entire episode was recorded with Harry either on my teet or my lap.  Yup, I'm a working mom now, guys so cut me some slack!  And cut Sarah some too because she's doing all of the editing now...


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