Podcast #59: New Year, New YOU

Podcast #59:  New Year, New YOU

HOLY CRAP, IT'S 2020! 

So much optimistic energy floating around these days, right!?  So we thought it only necessary to wish everyone a happy new year and of course, discuss our own thoughts on "New Year resolutions" and any goals we may have for the year ahead.

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For whatever reason, we’ve never toasted the new year via the podcast or done a “hail the new year” kind of episode.  But Sam is feeling awfully optimistic this year and Sarah is her usual ray-of-sunshine self so we're gettin' 'er done.

While Sam doesn’t advocate setting unrealistic goals for the sake of resolutions, she does talk about the benefits/importance of looking into areas of your life that could use some improvement.

It's just a “quickie” episode giving us a chance to send our podcast listeners some inspiring words and well wishes for the new year.  So give it a listen and here’s to the New Year and the New YOU whoever that might be!  Okay that was cheesy AF but you know what we mean!

Happy New Year love the Shorkey sisters xo


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