Podcast #72: Doing the Bare Minimum to Look and Feel Healthy and "Fit"

Podcast #72: Doing the Bare Minimum to Look and Feel Healthy and "Fit"

As the Covid saga continues, so does our lack of motivation and inability to find a routine.  Gyms are closed, we’re (still) working from home and the KIDS. NEVER. LEAVE.  

We’re slopping around in our pandemic sweats, seeking comfort through food and trying to find ways to cope.  Something has got to give.  Unfortunately, it’s usually the ‘health and fitness’ that falls to the bottom of the list.  It doesn’t help that many of us have put on weight in the last year. 

You want to make an effort, but you’re not exactly going “balls to the walls” in your living room, whilst watching the news.   

A year ago, we thought we had been given the gift of more time.  Yet now, as we find ourselves STILL fumbling through this never-ending pandemic, we seem to be dealing with bigger time constraints and juggling acts that just aren’t humanly possible anymore.  Why can’t things be easy?   

Is it possible to do the bare minimum and still shed body fat and build muscle during a pandemic? 

Apparently, yes, it is! 

That’s right, in this episode, Sam is dishing all the goods on how to do the bare minimum and still get results. 

doing the bare minimum to look fit and stay healthy

Yes vegan fit crew, on this episode of the Jacked on the Beanstalk vegan podcast, the Shorkey sisters are addressing all of the ugly side effects of this pandemic.  Whether it's seeking comfort through food, regaining some "fitspiration" or motivation, or simply shedding that hideous quarantine uniform, going from frumpy to cute without having to ditch the comfy, it’s all here. 

So, enjoy the soothing sounds of Sam and Sarah’s voices as they take you by the hand (ear) and gently guide you on how to cope with this never-ending, God-forsaken pandemic. 

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