Podcast #74: Anti-Aging Part II - Celebrity Tips for Looking and Feeling Younger

Podcast #74: Anti-Aging Part II - Celebrity Tips for Looking and Feeling Younger

On the last podcast episode, the Shorkey sisters tackled the big ol' topic of aging. We discussed how to stop fearing the process of growing older and instead, shift your focus to actually enjoying the JOURNEY.

But hey, some of us (ahem….SAM) have a harder time than others (Sarah) shrugging it off like it 'ain’t no thang'.

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If you find yourself in the "Scared Shitless of Getting Old" camp, then hopefully this week’s episode “The Process of Aging: Part 2” can help you out.

Sam has literally scoured the internet for months on a mission to bring you some of THE best celebrity tips and tricks on ways to slow down this terrifying process and/or wonderful journey.  She also shares some of her own fave lotions and potions.

From the ridiculously expensive to the very inexpensive; from the common-sense approach to the downright obsessive, we’re sure there is a little nugget of goodness for everyone to take away on this episode.

Whatever your reason for tuning in, just remember that aging is a NATURAL part of life!  And while it's going to happen no matter how much you try to fight it, there are still many things you can do to look and feel HEALTHY and of course, eventually leave this Earth one fine-lookin' corpse.

What?...Too dark???


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  • Sarah Shorkey: April 25, 2023

    That old bag photo of myself is horrifying!

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