Podcast #75: The Bodily Smells Podcast aka The Stank-i-Sode

Podcast #75: The Bodily Smells Podcast aka The Stank-i-Sode

Well the Shorkey sisters are at it again. We've dedicated full podcast episodes to all the gross shit from periods and poops to farting and sweating. So naturally, it only made sense that we center an entire episode around bodily smells -- specifically, those emitting from our nether regions.

And WARNING: this is definitely ADULT CONTENT. So be sure to listen to this one when you are childless/alone and preferably when you're not eating.


I'm sure we've all heard that vegans taste better and drinking pineapple juice will make your secretions taste sweeter.

But are there any scientific studies to actually back up these claims?

do vegans taste sweeter

We also found this very informative article for all you men out there who worry about your ball stank.  Who knew a little cornstarch and white vinegar applied topically could eliminate swamp crotch?!

Whatever brings you here, you're in for a real treat, folks! Because the Shorkey sisters are here to discuss the many ways we can all debunk the funk as it relates to our junk!

Now breathe it on in and enjoy the show!

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  • Samantha Shorkey: December 17, 2021

    BA-HAHAHAHAHA!! I love you Phil!! Glad you enjoyed that one. But wait, are you saying it wasn’t highly informative and educational?!?!?!

  • Phil: December 17, 2021

    I just wanted to let you ladies know that I decided to listen to this episode toward the end of my workout at the gym just now and literally had to stop mid-set and leave because I was laughing so hard. So, thanks for the extra ab workout I got from the belly laughs. 🤣

  • Samantha Shorkey: November 02, 2021

    BAHAHAHAHAHA oh how I love you. Thank you so much for your feedback on whether eating five bunches of asparagus per day changes the taste of your Nether regions. Your contribution to science is greatly appreciated!

  • Coralee: November 02, 2021

    As per requested:

    Science Experiment 1.0

    Experimenter: Coralee
    Subject: Husband

    Does husband know the difference between prep diet and normal diet?

    Smell is a sense that we use to experience taste. The 5 senses of taste are sweet, sour, salty, bitter, umami. There must be a 6th, because on a prep diet I can’t see asparagus falling into any of the 5 taste categories. However, asparagus does fall heavily under our sense of smell. For the purpose of this experiment, we will not categorize the asparagus. Do note, the amount of asparagus while on prep is disturbingly substantial.

    Upon my findings of…well…”my” asparagus essence and taste during a session of…let’s call it “passion”, while on prep and after prep, I noticed that my husband reacted no differently.

    The indicator I used on known subject (husband), to come to this conclusion was a measurement of his eagerness. I used my common sense and placed his eagerness on a scale of 1-10. During asparagus, I mean prep, he was definitely at 18. After prep he placed more around 15. The slight difference is likely due to the fact that my level of eagerness was somewhere around negative 3 during prep, thus equating in less passion. Could this have anything to do with asparagus? Likely not, but I would not rule it out. I do agree with Sam, that the considerably large intake of water offsets the perfume de la asparagus.

    Off topic, my husband’s sense of smell is similar to that of a Bloodhound when any new purchase has entered our home. How is it that he can smell money spent but not copious amounts of asparagus? Riddle me that science experiment. We can title that Science Experiment 2.0.

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