Podcast #79: The Health and Skin Benefits of Quitting Coffee

Podcast #79: The Health and Skin Benefits of Quitting Coffee

Oh coffee.  My bestest, most beloved beverage in the whole wide world... Until now that is!

Yes folks, after 25 straight years of drinking anywhere from two to 12 cups of coffee every single day, I have finally kicked my caffeine addiction.  And I gotta admit, it's not so bad on the other side.

Yes, the withdrawal headache that came with it was beyond fucking horrible.  I don't wish that onto my worst enemy.

But believe it or not, I didn't really notice any major decrease in energy or mental alertness after cutting it out. 

I've even grown to enjoy the taste of decaf first thing in the morning just as much as I did my precious medium roast.

In case anyone is wondering, no I didn't go FULL vegan hippie meathead and immediately replace my coffee with a fresh, cold-pressed green juice or herbal tea.

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Apparently decaf coffee reaps many of the benefits of regular caffeinated coffee.  Which for the record, I'm by no means shitting on caffeine.  Hell, I'm the first to admit that drinking caffeinated coffee comes with plenty of health benefits.  Hello antioxidants!

Unfortunately, I was drinking a LOT of it.  To the point that it was irritating my throat.  And when I learned that my greatest MILF-spiration Jennifer Lopez did NOT drink coffee for skin health reasons, I was curious to see if I'd notice any changes to my own skin health or health in general after kicking the caffeine.

And this, is what I discovered....

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- Sam Shorkey, vegan personal trainer + vegan fitness coach

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  • Coralee: November 01, 2022

    Ok…I love me my coffee, but a pot of coffee a day?!?!?! Really? My Vegan Fairy WTF? Never mind your skin, I’m actually curious, how’s the colour of your pee after this? Kidney’s be like “I dunno what to do with all this resting”. Also…you go girl! Good for you! I’m not sure I have it in me to lose 87% of my joy, especially with asparagus season around the corner.

  • Candy: October 29, 2022
    I am glad you could do that for yourselves sam. I have never had more than maybe 3 cups in an entire day.. anymore than that my stomach would get sick.
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