Podcast #80: Hunting Season Hoopla

Podcast #80: Hunting Season Hoopla

It's no surprise that I'm an ethical vegan.

I went vegetarian at eight years old because I grew up in a log house on 12 acres of forest.  And I truly loved the wildlife that shared our land with us.

We didn't have cable TV to entertain us after school.  We had nature.  And because my mom was such a huge animal lover, I grew up watching her feed ALL of the local critters.  From nightly peanut butter sandwiches for the raccoons to weekly 50 lb. bags of feed for the deer, my mom had all of the flora and fauna's nutrition needs covered.  Actually, check this video of her feeding the deer!

I honestly loved those deer so damn much.  I loved seeing the baby fawns in the spring or spotting a big beautiful buck, counting how many points on his antlers.  Deer are truly such sweet and majestic creatures.

Sadly, November is deer hunting season here in Ontario, Canada.

And I will never forget the time I saw three dead deer carcasses strung up inside my friend's neighbour's garage when we were walking home from elementary school.  It traumatized me.  I just could not understand how anyone could possibly want to hunt and kill the same deer I loved so much.  And it's those deer that made me stop eating animals at such a young age.

Naturally, I've never been all too fond of deer hunters (or any hunter for that matter.)  But because the deer have always been so near & dear to my heart, sometimes I just can't help but get all riled up in the local facebook groups when the hunting posts start going around every fall.


But anyway, needless to say, this is an incredibly depressing time of year for me, every single year.  And my recent internet trolling basically led to a random chat with Sarah which we then decided to record and share with our podcast listeners.

And yes, this episode is a short, off-the-cuff one but I'm sure you vegans will no doubt appreciate the Shorkey sisters "telling it like it is" as usual.

So click the "play button" below to listen. Or HERE to listen on Apple or HERE for Spotify.


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