Podcast #85: Steroid Stink and the Carnivore Diet

Podcast #85: Steroid Stink and the Carnivore Diet

Well I searched and searched for a funny "carnivore diet" meme to accompany the show notes for this podcast...  But I kinda now feel like I need a cold shower after sorting through hundreds of meat pics and people proudly sharing how much they love eating NOTHING but dead animals....

Sooooo naturally, I decided to go with a funny steroid meme instead.

Nevertheless, this podcast topic has been a long time coming, folks!  Mostly because I've been single for almost two years now. And in this time, I've met and dated quite a few bodybuilders (none of which were vegan.)

vegan dating pool meme

 And not to say this about all of them... But something I have noticed via some of them is this strange, pungent odour that is almost ammonia-like or reminiscent of cat piss with fishy undertones.

And it would seem that the smell is even more potent when they're doing steroids and just plain horrific when they're eating a strict carnivore diet on top of the gear.

Now I'm not trying to shit on anyone or claim that I smell like roses after every workout.  And Good Lord I hope none of the guys I've met online actually follow my blog or podcast...

But from a vegan health coach perspective, I was intrigued enough to actually research if steroids do, in fact, make us stink.  And if it's true that the fewer vegetables we eat, the more likely we are to stink.

I also have this long held theory that in my particular circumstance, the scent of an animal eater is more unappealing to me than it would be for another meat eater.  Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, I would find the natural scent of a vegan man to be incredibly alluring and attractive. 

I was also curious if what I'm experiencing in the modern-day dating world is similar to a predator vs. prey situation in the wild where my body is literally telling me that we're not a match via pheromones.  Much like an animal can instinctively smell when predatory animals are nearby or when a female of its' species is ready for mating.


Whatever the case, I got to googling and talking to all of my gym bruhs on this one!  And some of the juicers did admit that certain steroids have changed the scent of their sweat, making them both smellier and sweatier.  Trenbolone or "tren" in particular being one of the worst.

I also learned that there was a legitimate "B.O. collection" study done in the Czech Republic that proved vegetarian men smelled much less intense and much more attractive to women than those who consumed red meat!

And it was right then and there I knew I had to share my research findings on the podcast.  So check it out and let me know if I'm not the only crazy vegan out there with apparently a super sensitive nose and weird obsession with bodily smells...

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