Podcast #87: Tips & Hacks to Prioritize your Health and Fitness with Vegan Chef / Nutritionist Amy Longard

Fit and Healthy Over 40 Group Training and Vegan Nutrition Program with Vegan Trainer Sam Shorkey and Vegan Nutritionist Amy Longard

Well it's been far too long time since we've had our good friend (and esteemed vegan chef / holistic nutritionist) Amy Longard onto the podcast!  You guys remember Amy right?  The creative genius behind most of the recipes in my "Vegan Bodybuilders Cookbook?"  Which by the way, apparently our cookbook currently has almost 400 five-star reviews on Amazon! Go Sam & Amy, go!

But anywho, it seemed like an especially good time of year to have Amy back onto the podcast since many of our clients have already given up on their New Year's resolutions to "get fit & healthy."  Plus it's winter (at least for us Canadians.)  And let's be real... It isn't always easy to find the motivation to go workout when it's cold, dark and depressing outside.

And when it's freezing outside, who the hell wants to eat salad and drink smoothies?! Cold weather = comforting warm food cravings.  Does this sound familiar?  We feel you!

And being the busy, self-employed, vegan Super Moms that we are, we figured it was a great time to share some of our best health tips and mom hacks.  And how we prioritize our own health and fitness amidst the chaos of mom life / work life. 

Oh and HERE is our three and four-year-olds' fave "cheesy noodle" recipe (one of Amy's best vegan kid recipe HANDS DOWN which we mentioned on this episode.)

And click HERE for my beloved protein ball recipe that I make at least once (usually twice) per week that both my son and I love!

We're also using this opportunity to promote the new & exciting 4-week long group program we're launching together called "Fit & Healthy Over 40."  Sounds intriguing doesn't it? And it is.... You can learn all about it HERE

Sam Shorkey and Amy Longard Fit and Healthy Over 40 vegan virtual training and nutrition coaching program

In the meantime, listen to our podcast.

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