Podcast #9: The Shorkey Sugar Addiction

Podcast #9: The Shorkey Sugar Addiction


How perfect is this picture seeing as Oreos are vegan AND our newest podcast episode is all about sugar addiction?!?!?

Yes, that’s right, kids! Both of us Shorkey sisters are full-blown, admitted sugar addicts! I’m going to claim that Sarah is worse than me (even though I’m not much better.) Or maybe I just cope better due to the fact that I work as a vegan fitness and nutrition coach. Whatever the case, we decided to explore this hot (& sweet) topic on the podcast this week and ask ourselves this compelling question:

Is it really sugar we’re craving or connection?

Most people know that consuming sugar creates dopamine in our brains which is a “feel good” hormone that gets released when we do certain things like drugs or sex. And so with this in mind, it’s perfectly natural for us to want something that makes us feel really, REALLY good, right?

Unfortunately, too much of a good thing can often have its’ negative side effects such as too much sugar in the diet = unwanted body fat storage.

But are ALL sweeteners evil? And surely there are some non-food rewards we can indulge in that create those same feel-good brain chemicals?! Find out in today’s podcast. (And check this decent list I just found online now.) 🙂

PS – this is actually Part I of II where we challenge ourselves to one week of consuming NO SUGAR whatsoever.

PPS – before we started the 7-day sugar detox, you better believe we hogged out on our all-time favourite vegan dessert: nanaimo bars from Grow Your Roots Cafe.

Here is some footage from our amateur vegan food porn shoot in the park:

My YouTube video editing skills are top-notch, I know. 😉


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-Sam Shorkey, Jacked on the Beanstalk

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  • Gostika: September 23, 2019

    Hi Sam! :) Thanks a lot for the info! I’ll definitely check these movies out.
    Well, the comments work it seems :) <3

  • Samantha Shorkey: September 19, 2019

    Hi Gostika! Not sure if you will ever see this reply. Sadly my new website doesn’t allow me to interact with comments like my old Wordpress site. But to answer your question, one of the documentaries was called “Sugar Coated” and the other was “That Sugar Film.” Thanks for the podcast love!!

  • Gostika: September 19, 2019

    Hello there sugarbabes :))
    Could you list the movies you have seen about sugar? I forgot to wrote them down and I’m lazy to listen to the podcast again :) Unless you don’t have them written down either.

  • Kendyra: July 07, 2017

    Okay, this is it! Thanks for your vote of confidence I can do this. I just had a sugar free breakfast! Only 6 2/3 days left to go on my 7 day SUGAR FREE journey. You know your other peeps aren’t commenting ‘cuz they’re all sugar addicts, right?

  • Sam: July 06, 2017

    BAHAHAHAHA oh man wait until you hear our follow-up episode. We feel you, don’t worry. Stay strong though damn it!! I didn’t…. But I believe in YOU, Kendyra :)

  • Kendyra: July 06, 2017

    Okay, this is harder than I thought. I will seriously start this on Friday. You know that PB powder I put in my oats? It contains sugar!!! Ugg, restart. I asked my teen age daughter if she wanted to do this with me….She absolutely refused.

  • Sam: July 04, 2017

    You’re in too?!?!? Sweet!! (No pun intended.) ;)

  • Kendyra: July 04, 2017

    Woo Hoo, ONE week without sugar!? I’m in. What a great challenge. I already have great skin (don’t usually break out) but I’m interested in seeing what changes it would make to my body/mood (like maybe I’ll be irritable from withdrawal symptoms )

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