Episode #63: The Shorkey Sister Spat That Almost Killed the Podcast

Episode #63: The Shorkey Sister Spat That Almost Killed the Podcast

Before I even attempt to describe this podcast episode, I know what you're all thinking.  Why the fuck is Sam wearing a knit crop top with pleather pants and fake UGG boots whilst walking through the forest?

Good question!  And one I cannot answer without simply admitting that being "fashionable" has never come easy to me.

Nor have listening skills, the ability to focus on anything or remember a damn thing according to Sarah.

Yes folks, on this episode of the Jacked on the Beanstalk Podcast, we are airing our dirty Shorkey sister laundry and admitting to our beloved listeners that we've basically hated each other for the last two months.

Thankfully Coronavirus made it easy to avoid one another.  But that also meant we neglected the podcast which we all know is obviously a MUCH bigger crisis than Covid-19. ;)

And well, since we did take an extended break from podcasting and instead, were busy either trying to "make up" or plotting each other's death in isolation, we felt it only necessary to share this juicy gossip with everyone and "clear the air" on the air.

Nope, it will not enlighten or educate you in any way, shape or form.  But as one listener just said: "people love the backstory on drama.  It's interesting to hear you guys have it out."

And that we can definitely do.  So here 'tis!


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