Episode #62: The Virus Episode: Dealing with the Stress of a Pandemic

Episode #62: The Virus Episode: Dealing with the Stress of a Pandemic

The above meme feels all too personal for me right now.  Anyone else feel like their ass is deflating with every new day stuck in quarantine?!

Meanwhile, this meme below basically summarizes how Sarah is feeling...

coronavirus introvert

How about you, dear podcast listener?  How are you holding up amidst all this Covid-19 craziness we find ourselves in?

coronavirus podcast episode joke meme

I admit we Shorkey sisters just kept thinking that this lockdown was bound to end "any day now" then our podcasting efforts could resume as usual "any day now" too.  But alas, here we are, more than two months later, STILL on lockdown, STILL being told to "social distance." 

But I'll be damned if I have to avoid recording podcasts any longer! 

And what better topic to address than good ol' Coronavirus?!  Like us, you're probably over this whole pandemic situation and definitely over talking about it. 

Neverthless, this pandemic is a big frickin' deal and so here we are, social distance recording as we share our thoughts on how to deal with the stress of it all and our best tips on how you can stay both healthy and positive during these strange, strange times.


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