Episode #64: How to Strengthen that Willpower Muscle + Top 10 Habits to Break

Episode #64: How to Strengthen that Willpower Muscle + Top 10 Habits to Break

Ahhh…the elusive willpower.  Imagine what we could accomplish if only we just had a little more of it, eh? 

Yes, with just a bit more self-control, I'm sure we would all eat nothing but clean and healthy foods, exercise like a beast six days a week, stop procrastinating on all those projects we've been putting off for months and years and of course, achieve all sorts of noble goals.

But let's be real.  We all seem to struggle to attain this super power. 

I actually read about a survey where people were asked to name their greatest personal strengths and out of 24 different virtues, “self-control” came in dead last.  Meanwhile, when those same people were asked about their “failings,” go figure a lack of self-control came in first place.

The struggle is real.

In case you haven’t figured out what we’re talking about on this episode of the podcast, yup, it’s WILLPOWER.

Amazingly enough, Sarah has awakened this dormant beast for the first time in years and with so many people stressed out and eating their feelings amidst Coronavirus, we thought it was a great time to discuss how one can be successful in achieving self-control and maintaining goals.

We also delve into THE "top 10 bad habits" that plaque modern-day society.  Apparently we Shorkey sisters suck just as much as the rest of the world!

willpower podcast Jacked on the Beanstalk

Oh and for anyone interested in testing that super tasty, sweet tooth busting Strawberry Milkshake mentioned, here is the recipe.

 Also a shout-out to this week's Patreon prize donation aka Real Source Foods and their water lentil-based Digestive Boost Powder!  Check it out HERE!

And now, without further ado, here is the episode:


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