Episode #65: The Period Podcast

Episode #65:  The Period Podcast

Well, it’s that time of the month again.  Aunt Flo is making a visit and she’s taking you on a special surfing adventure to ride that crimson wave, bro!

Gnarly, indeed...

That’s right, ladies (and gentlemen if you’re still reading...)  On today’s podcast we’re talking 'bout PERIODS.

Yes, on this special episode of the Jacked on the Beanstalk Podcast, we're delving into every aspect of the menstrual cycle from cramps to cravings and what is fact vs. fiction.

We discuss very important, relevant topics such as what is a period?  Why do I feel like a hideous beast the week before my period?  And of course, the many weird and disgusting places our research led us (i.e. dudes who have a fetish for period blood.)

We are super excited to be sharing this episode and feel like it will be a lovely addition to our most popular (albeit disgusting) “bodily functions” series.  Feel free to check out other faves like the poop podcast and the fart podcast.

And if you’re looking for the full, vegan hippie low-down on some of Sam's fave environmentally-friendly period products, be sure to check out her blog post all about it HERE.

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Now let us all toast a blood-filled menstrual cup to our beloved uteri (yes, that is the plural form of "uterus" - who knew?!) and give it a listen.  Ladies, you definitely need to.  And gentlemen, you should probably skip it (unless you're a menophiliac of course.) ;)



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