Podcast #38: Interview with Meat Free Athlete Founder Anne-Marie Campbell

Podcast #38: Interview with Meat Free Athlete Founder Anne-Marie Campbell

Look who visited me at this year's Ottawa Veg Fest!

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That's right!  It's my homie-- fellow Canadian and bad ass vegan babe-- Anne Marie Campbell of Meat Free Athlete and Shirt Activism!

Did you know that she also has a black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do?!

Me neither!  And despite my out-weighing AND out-flexing her, I'm pretty sure she could kick the shit outta me!

Whatever the case, after Veg Fest, AMC (as I like to call her) was down to chat with me for a last-minute, completely unplanned podcast interview that I'm now sharing with you fine folks today.  How lucky are you?!

And random this interview certainly was as AMC dished on everything from running a successful online vegan biz (Meat Free Athlete launched in 2012) and dealing with YouTube haters to finding out she was gay in university.  Screw talking about vegan training and nutrition, eh?!  We went wayyyyyy off-the-cuff with this one!

And for anyone interested in repping a Meat Free Athlete tank, tee or hoodie, Anne-Marie has hooked up our very own JOTB discount code! So be sure to use Jacked15 to save 15% at checkout.  All of her gear can be found at Shirt Activism.

Check my personal fave design that AMC hooked me up with several years ago.  I fully admit that I wore the shit out of this tank. I'm talking faded lettering AND pit stains, people! :)

meat free athlete shirt activism discount code vegan gym gear coupon code

Anywho, it sure is fun catching up with old friends and even more fun now that I can force them to catch up over a podcast recording.

I loved how real, raw and honest AMC was during this interview.  Granted, she's always real and honest.  But it was cool to find out that she developed all of this confidence and self-worth and inner strength thanks to 90's hip hop "bad girl" role models like Da Brat, Salt N Peppa, Queen Latifah and TLC.

I fully admit that I was obsessed with the above "Da Brat" song back in high school.  And I may or may not have twerked in my apartment whilst listening to it just now before adding it to my "Gym Mix" playlist.  And I highly suggest you do the same.

But anyway, a couple of things we discuss during the interview that I promised to link up in the show notes:

And of course, here's my own interview with Bite Size Vegan for those who haven't yet seen it:

And finally, for anyone interested in getting their hands (and teeth) on their very own vegan teeth whitening kit as mentioned on this podcast episode, the one I'm loving is called "Smile Vegan Style" and only $35 with my code samshorkey (regularly $299!)  More deets at SmileVeganStyle.com.

vegan teeth whitening kit discount code smile vegan style discount code

Fancy eh?  Alright, enough rambling!  Let's get onto the interview already, shall we?


Click the "play button" below to listen. Or HERE to listen on Apple, HERE for Spotify or HERE for Stitcher.


-Sam Shorkey, Jacked on the Beanstalk

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  • gostika: January 17, 2020

    Anne’s voice is so soothing! She has what I call a perfect voiceover voice :) And her vegan apparel is also so cool.
    I really liked that you talked about her coming out. “Are you Madonna gay or Ellen gay?” Seriously, the best dad ever. :)
    I’m also saving right now for a JOTB t-shirt because the delivery cost is as much as the t-shirt itself due to me living on the other side of the world :D I hope you won’t run out until I do xD

  • Carrie: July 23, 2018

    I love Meat Free Athlete! Thanks for doing an episode with her, this interview was so free flowing 🙂

  • Kelly Itsell: July 23, 2018

    This was one of my fave episodes! Great interview with meat free athlete!!

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