Podcast #39: Finding Motivation to Exercise and Eat Better

Podcast #39: Finding Motivation to Exercise and Eat Better

I'm sure we can all agree that sometimes it can be a REAL struggle to get our nicely-sculpted Jacked on the Beanstalk asses into the gym when the allure of Netflix and our comfy couches sound so much more appealing.

But alas, like anything we want in life, a perfectly-sculpted walnut crushing backside isn't going to build itself.  And so, we sometimes need to summon the motivational gods from within for additional support.  Or better yet, summon the Shorkey sisters from Podcast Land.

sam and sarah shorkey hosts of Jacked on the Beanstalk the podcast vegan podcast

Who wouldn't want this babely pair in your motivational corner?!

Yes, this week we're covering a topic that we get asked about ALL THE TIME.  It's a big one (and one I address often in my job as an online vegan coach and personal trainer.) And that topic is MOTIVATION. 

So give it a listen as we address the most common roadblocks we see amongst clients that always seem to kill their motivation.  And how to create the drive and ambition needed to stick to a clean eating plan or get your ass into the gym when the daily stresses of life and other priorities get in the way. 

You might also benefit from listening to our similar podcast on procrastination.  Or as mentioned on this episode, "The Trap of Setting Body Goals" episode where we delve into the dangerous dance between deprivation and obsession.



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- Sam Shorkey

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