Podcast #48: How to Fire Up Metabolism and Burn Fat the Vegan Way

Podcast #48: How to Fire Up Metabolism and Burn Fat the Vegan Way

As a vegan trainer and nutrition coach, the #1 question I get asked most often is definitely "how to lose weight?"  Yes, even more so than "how do you get enough protein?"

I wish I could say it's as easy as cutting out carbs, hitting the gym everyday or popping a "magic fat burning pill."  But alas, losing weight and more importantly, KEEPING WEIGHT OFF, just doesn't come too easily for many of us (myself included.)

We obviously all have very different bodies so obviously the same diet and training plan isn't going to work for everyone.  And we do focus on this topic via our "Losing Weight Based on Your Body Type" episode.  So be sure to check it out after you listen to this one!

But one thing we've yet to explore on the podcast (which plays a HUGE role in how we store and burn fat) is metabolism and more specifically, how we can speed up our metabolism!

If you're one of the MANY people in this world who have a few unwanted pounds you'd LOVE to shed, then you definitely want to give this episode a listen.  I'm also sharing my all-time fave metabolism-boosting vegan foods (the ones I ate all throughout my vegan competition preps.)  And I'm giving my honest opinion on the fat-burning supplements I've tried that actually WORK. 

And by the way, we're giving away a HUGE PRIZE PACK of awesome supplements from one of my fave vitamin companies: Performance Lab

Yes, one lucky podcast listener is going to receive a full-sized bottle of their vegan BCAAs, pre-workout, post-workout AND fat burner! SCORE!

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It's definitely one of our most informative episodes for all you dieting and fitness-obsessed vegan meatheads out there!  So give it a listen and start implementing some of these tips and foods into your life ASAP!


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- Sam Shorkey, Jacked on the Beanstalk

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