Podcast #49: Overcoming Feelings of Shame / Follow-up to my Pregnancy Announcement

Podcast #49: Overcoming Feelings of Shame / Follow-up to my Pregnancy Announcement

Well I fully admit that this is one of our least informative and insightful podcast episodes yet!  However, I did feel it necessary to make mention of my latest "big news" on the podcast (in case our listeners don't read my blog or follow my social media posts.)  And that big news, my vegan friends, is that I'M PREGNANT! 

sam shorkey vegan pregnancy

Surely this somber-looking, vulnerable photo of me in my underwear, looking out of a window clearly shows that I'm freaking out about it...

Well, I DID write a very real & raw, heartfelt blog post all about it HERE so be sure to read that for more deets.

And in the meantime, you're probably not going to learn much on this podcast.  But we do address the ever-important topic of SHAME and how I've been able to stop feeling so ashamed of this unplanned pregnancy.

In fact, I really resonated with a lot of what "shame researcher" Brene Brown had to say in one of her TED Talks...

"Shame for women is this web of unobtainable, conflicting, competing expectations about who we're supposed to be."

In fact, I highly suggest if you're reading this, to watch her whole talk! It's good shit!!



Also mentioned on this podcast, is our ever-growing Patreon program which allows our listeners to win kick-ass vegan prize packs every episode!  And if you want a piece of the Patreon prize action, sign up (and support us) HERE!

This week's prize is a tub of the BEST EVER belly butter from Eco Chic Movement!

 eco chic movement discount code eco chic movement promo code

Seriously, this is a dry-skin MUST-HAVE whether you're pregnant or not!  It's made from all-natural butters and oils; great for preventing stretch marks and tightening skin.  AND it's free from all toxic chemicals, perfumes, colours and any other unnatural crap that's found in most body creams and butters.

Love this company and they've even hooked my listeners up with a 15% discount. So if you want an awesome gift for the pregnant vegan woman in your life, visit https://ecochicmovement.com/ and enter the code jackedonthebeanstalk at checkout.

Also, huge congrats to our Patreon supporter Mindy for winning the Glyde America "vegan sex pack" prize mentioned on episode #47!  We expect a full review of those products, Mindy!  Grrrrrrowl! ;)

And finally, if you already did listen to this week's podcast and are now wondering who the hell Dr. Laura (our Mom's fave) is, here's a little taste:

"Most women are pigs these days..."  How appropriate for this episode, eh?  Guess I'm a pig in Dr. Laura's eyes!

Okay enough random rambling and shameless Patreon plugs!  Guess I'm not so shame-filled after all **tee hee.**  See what I did there?  Get it?  ANYWAY....


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  • Crystal Spence: April 08, 2019

    Congrats Sam!!! You will be such a great Mama <3
    You most definitely don’t need to feel shame around this. We are in a completely different time and traditional ways are no longer the norm.
    Love you girl! xoxo

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