Podcast #68: The Number One Reason You Can't Lose Weight and Keep it Off

Podcast #68: The Number One Reason You Can't Lose Weight and Keep it Off

We’ve all heard the saying that "an apple a day keeps the doctor away."  But did you know that an apple a day might just keep the pounds away too?

Inspired by an article written by fellow vegan babe (AND bestselling author / health & wellness activist) Kathy Freston, we decided to explore the topic of a scarcity mentality when it comes to dieting and more specifically, how "crowding out" certain foods with other foods is the ticket to losing weight and actually keeping it off.

eating apples for weight loss

As I've been saying for years, when you're completely fixated on losing pounds, dropping inches and deducting calories, your whole focus is on something NEGATIVE aka "scarcity mentality."

But when we can shift our mindset to one of GAINING rather than losing, the mental shift that can happen is pretty frickin' powerful!  And suddenly, "dieting" doesn't seem so brutal and restrictive after all.

Oh and for anyone interested in our "cravings" podcast and what they reveal about your emotions, you can listen to it HERE.

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But anyway, if you're sick and tired of that never ending 'binge and restrict' cycle, let the Shorkey sisters help shift your focus.

Yes folks, it's another mindful meathead episode all about the importance of embracing an "abundance mindset" especially when it comes to food and nutrition. And wolves, apparently.  Weird tales of good and evil wolves told by an even weirder peyote-smoking grandmother? 



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