Podcast #69: So You Binged over the Holidays. Now What?

Podcast #69: So You Binged over the Holidays. Now What?

Well, folks, another holiday season is upon us!

A very different… kinda weird holiday season…

Christmas dinner during quarantine meme

But at this point in the year, who expects anything normal in 2020 anyway?!

december 2020 joke meme

Yes, we Shorkey sisters have recorded a few holiday episodes over the years. 

And while past episodes have focused on AVOIDING too much holiday indulgence, this year we decided to center our thoughts around the aftermath that follows a major holiday hog fest. 

holiday gluttony post food binge podcast

That’s right!  We're talking to YOU if your intentions went right down the toilet this year.

Perhaps you pounded back an obscene amount of baked goods and alcohol.

Now what?  Find out what kind of damage has actually been done to your body and what to do to prevent unwanted fat gain.

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