Podcast #70: Adding Mass to Your Ass! The Glute Growth Episode

Podcast #70: Adding Mass to Your Ass! The Glute Growth Episode

I think we all owe Sir Mix-A-Lot a moment of silence for being such a pioneer in leading the big butt movement. 

Not only was "Baby Got Back" one of the greatest lyrical masterpieces of the early 1990s butt (I mean but) he was clearly ahead of his time in knowing that 30 years after its release, every woman on Earth would be striving to grow her own "big butt."

From butt cheek implants to fat transfers and silicone injections, more and more women are jumping on board the fat ass train.  But call me old-fashioned, I prefer to earn my booty the hard way aka hammering dat ass in the gym.

And I'm not the only one.  In fact, as a vegan coach and personal trainer, I I'd say that a "nice butt" is easily the second most sought after body part people hire me for (flat stomach being #1.)

And I'm the first to admit that I LOVE having a big ol' butt that you can bounce a quarter off of.  But sadly, the glutes are oftentimes the most difficult muscles to build not to mention they take a looooooong ass time to build (no pun intended.) 

slow glute growth podcast funny butt meme

The good news, however, is that with a little knowledge in your back pocket (pun intended) you can absolutely sculpt the ass of your dreams. I built mine from scratch and this week on the podcast, I'm sharing how you can too!

Oh and for anyone wanting to try my fave at-home, bodyweight / plyometric-style butt workout that will definitely fire up all of those slow-twitch muscle fibers in your glute minimus and medius, it can be found HERE.

And with that, let's get onto the episode and how you can add some serious mass to your fine vegan ass. Enjoy!

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  • Annie Ford: April 14, 2021

    I loved this episode, but mostly I’m commenting here to say Send my best wishes to Sarah!!! What a horrible thing to go through. I hope she’s recovering quickly.

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